#EmacsConf talk by Andrea Corallo on #Emacs 28 native compilation through libgccjit is exciting!

Amazing how much was achieved in little time.

@civodul I write a lot of Rust at work, with lsp-mode, which is quite heavy, especially on dozens of active buffers. This branch of Emacs (which I compiled using guix) has been a huge quality of life improvement and I have had no stability issues over the 6+ months I've been using it. I am profoundly appreciative of the time and work put into this.

@mikegerwitz Nice, good to know. I haven’t tried it yet but that this talk showing that it’s well integrated and well thought out is reassuring (I was skeptical what initially looked like JIT’ing elisp without doing serious compiler work before).


@civodul @mikegerwitz How does it compare to Guile Emacs? It's nice that JIT makes Elisp faster, but according to the talk, real multi-threading and better GC are still issues, and Guile already has good thread support, so... is Emacs just gonna reimplement that too?

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@csepp @civodul @mikegerwitz

as for me, I'm wondering if this machinery could support continuations

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