Found this thing. on . It has zero documentation, it's not even a proper git repo (by my arbitrary standards), just some diffs, but it looks functional based on the commit messages and it is actively developed.
Then again this issue clouds my enthusiasm for it or anything cool that's not GNU ever getting into Guix's core.

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Honestly I don't care *that* much about GNU, I'd rather users had access to high quality software. I still prefer strong copyleft, but if there is an alternative for a component that has a corpo-friendly open license, and that alternative has some tangible benefits (eg. better security or smaller footprint) then I think it should be supported.

@csepp well, the beautiful thing in Guix is that you do not need to use any of the software they distribute.

Guix (the software distribution) doesn't distribute BSD or even (non-free) linux kernels, but the way it's designed makes it relatively easy to use it with your own kernel (or whatever software you like)

Guix (in my opinion) is more an idea of how things should be and less a lesson on what you should use -- but being GNU they restrict themselves on what they compile for you ;)


> guile-bytestructures

> mfw that's my library :politecat:

> mfw I contributed something useful to humanity :happycat:
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