I'm at the point in my #NixOS adventures that the language is starting to frustrate me enough to reconsider using #Guix instead, and accept that I'll have to drop or rewrite all the little things I built upon systemd.

One of the bigger problems with that, is that I rely on the systemd Journal a lot, including the fact that services started will have their stdout available in the journal.

If I abandon systemd, I'll have to come up with something similar for shepherd (if it doesn't already have something like that - I haven't finished reading the manual yet), because just logging to stdout is mighty convenient. I'm not parting with that luxury.

Okay, looks like stdout and stderr can be redirected to a file, that's great. I wonder if the log file can be a pipe? Almost like /dev/log, just not terrible.

According to the shepherd NEWS file, if no log file is specified, then logs will get routed to syslog, and get a timestamp. That means that I can just run a custom syslogd, and be done with it, with no change to services, no big hacks or anything.

Not perfect, but good enough.

Oh, hm. Can I actually replace the syslogd in a Guix system?

I have a feeling that I can, with modify-services.

But it's 2:30 in the morning, so I'll go and hit the bed before I end up jumping into another rabbit hole.


@algernon Services usually have a config field for each package they use, so it should indeed be possible to use `modify-services` for that.

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