Very different fromt the original design I had in mind, but dream geometry doesn't translate well directly to 3D. So going with this metal frame design for the character's body instead.
The head will stay closer to the original design though. I hope I can light it in a way that brings across the mood the dream had.


Never seen this kind of in our garden before.

pls beware of boob. no sex though. (Rock Cocks panel) 

Clover has a point.

Also got this convertible ergonomic because it looked cool and was dirt cheap and no one else was bidding on it. It's a Fujitsu KBPC E.

Making an ex libris as a present for a fellow fan.
Not entirely happy with it, it looks more like a movie intro from the 40s than a real bookplate, but I have no idea how to do engravings or calligraphy and I'm already past my deadline, so. Still, there is some iconography in this that hopefully comes across.

My first ever UwU

-being smol
-DIN connector
-PS/2 converter
-curly cable
-windows key
-menu key

for the keyboard geeks: it's a Cherry ML4100, or at least its predecessor. found it by chance on a second hand online store.

Well, I'm calling this done. My first attempt at doing something resembling character and using the NLA editor of .

Here is the for it. UwU


got it running! here's some .
gonna try to get the PCI network card working uuugh sometime. unlike collapseOS and Plan 9 it has a pretty conventional POSIX toolchain, so it shouldn't be quite as hard.
i guess

okay, this is much better, but still needs some work. added some bouncing and squashing and stretching. still not liking the hand movement, also the hands should be affected by inertia.
cc @SummerSchool

linked comic is lewd & 18+, etc. (not the linked page tho) 

words to live by

(source )

Rather WIP but you get the idea. Hoping for this to be the "before" picture for when I fix the issues that bother me about it. I wanna add some secondary action on the body, bit of jumping up and down, bit of blobby squashing and bending, etc. Also not entirely happy with the hand movements. Shouldn't take long, but who knows. I didn't think it would take this long to even get here.
cc @SummerSchool

scary doggo, some blood 

Trying to block out the shape for this cute doggo from who definitely won't eat anyone's guts. The way it's drawn doesn't really make sense in 3D, so this should be a fun challenge.

Not showing the next few panels, but let's just say the jaw will have to move a lot, so the rigging is gonna be extra fun.

Anyways, gonna continue the blobmojo, I just started this to mix things up because animation timing was getting tedious.

here's a sample where the title is borked. technically there was no "title" field in the spreadsheet, so people kinda didn't bother to make them short i think.

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