Pat done! Took a while! Lots of and related learning on the way. Also my first hand painted textures! I'm kinda proud of the fennec one.

cc @amaral @polychrome @MadestMadness @codepuppy

The hand crafted pats I promised like a month ago πŸ˜…

You've been visited by the 12th dimensional cyber elephant of the lattice world.

creepy eye contact from 3d model 

another old render, sculpted instead of my usual lowpoly / generative stuff

the model definitely needs some more work (eg. how does that hood work???) but i'm still proud of how creepy those eyes ended up being

to quote a friend: "it's like he's staring into my soul"

Here is a very old render for , of some imagined retro hardware. I never owned a Mac but found the G2 design pretty nifty.

This is @grainloom 's art alt! Or @grainloom is @csepp 's social alt! Idk!

To start things off, here is some fanart of I first made because I needed a b&w avatar and then turned into a kind of ars poetica thing. That thing they say about limitations leading to more creativity definitely turned out to be true for this.


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