Making an ex libris as a present for a fellow fan.
Not entirely happy with it, it looks more like a movie intro from the 40s than a real bookplate, but I have no idea how to do engravings or calligraphy and I'm already past my deadline, so. Still, there is some iconography in this that hopefully comes across.

Well, I'm calling this done. My first attempt at doing something resembling character and using the NLA editor of .

Here is the for it. UwU


Some random art.
Pretty proud of the book rig so far. If I add a separate page, it could be animated so that it looks like pages are flipped from one side to the other, and the fake page bundles on each side would change thickness. Texture is just a placeholder for now.
The other is just a modification of my blobpats , but with a grad cap thingy. I call it :scholarly_pats:

Pat done! Took a while! Lots of and related learning on the way. Also my first hand painted textures! I'm kinda proud of the fennec one.

cc @amaral @polychrome @MadestMadness @codepuppy

The hand crafted pats I promised like a month ago πŸ˜…

You've been visited by the 12th dimensional cyber elephant of the lattice world.

creepy eye contact from 3d model 

another old render, sculpted instead of my usual lowpoly / generative stuff

the model definitely needs some more work (eg. how does that hood work???) but i'm still proud of how creepy those eyes ended up being

to quote a friend: "it's like he's staring into my soul"

Here is a very old render for , of some imagined retro hardware. I never owned a Mac but found the G2 design pretty nifty.

This is @grainloom 's art alt! Or @grainloom is @csepp 's social alt! Idk!

To start things off, here is some fanart of I first made because I needed a b&w avatar and then turned into a kind of ars poetica thing. That thing they say about limitations leading to more creativity definitely turned out to be true for this.


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