Hoooly fuck the new episode is out. πŸ‘€
Heed the content warning at the beginning, it does get bloody.


Interesting how animatics now seem to be an art of their own, instead of just an intermediate step in . Were people watching animatics before video sharing on the internet? It seems like a relatively new phenomenon to me.
Thinking of animatics like:
(Magnus Archives season 3 spoilers)

It's kinda like artists realized that fandoms move quickly and making a finished animation is lots of work, so they leaned into polishing animatics instead?

Well, I'm calling this done. My first attempt at doing something resembling character and using the NLA editor of .

Here is the for it. UwU


surprise Blendering stream again (soon) 

Gonna go for a quick run/walk with the doggo, then stream time. So, about an hour from when this is posted.

More Summer School stuff, I gotta figure out the darn NLA editor. And maybe pats or Bloodwolfe if I need a change of pace.

Chat: just reply here I guess.

: diode.zone/videos/watch/b4b6bd

More progress. This is basically the final , now I just need to figure out a way to re-generate the texture from the SVG with the correct data and then it can be used for announcing any of the talks. Just put all the data in a TSV and run some script.
...yeah I know I said it'd be a still, but I couldn't resist jazzing it up. If it's too much it's still pretty easy to just render some of the frames.

cc: @SummerSchool

Some random art.
Pretty proud of the book rig so far. If I add a separate page, it could be animated so that it looks like pages are flipped from one side to the other, and the fake page bundles on each side would change thickness. Texture is just a placeholder for now.
The other is just a modification of my blobpats , but with a grad cap thingy. I call it :scholarly_pats:


This is very nicely put together.
I guess although technically it's a slideshow. An adaptation of a book from an episode of . The video is not really spoilery on its own, so feel free to check it out regardless of where you are in the story.
I'm writing up some notes on this and other takes on the same source, it should appear on my capsule in a few hours on this page. Just search for "spider".

Vash pats for @flydelion done! Or at least I don't think I can improve it any further.
Realized too late that maybe I should have used a different facial expression, but ah well. This works too.

Heck, I missed this. Lazy in Space finally got a proper release!
If you like good and good writing and good things in general, go watch it! Fingers crossed for season 3.

Pat done! Took a while! Lots of and related learning on the way. Also my first hand painted textures! I'm kinda proud of the fennec one.

cc @amaral @polychrome @MadestMadness @codepuppy

The hand crafted pats I promised like a month ago πŸ˜…

animated blood, hunting 

No idea what these lyrics are but this is a damn good .

Apparently this trailer for an animated adaptation of one of the most celebrated Hungarian novels exists and it captures the writing style rather well. Mixing is a bit iffy, but the voice acting is on point.

Apparently you can just open this with mpv + youtube-dl and get a playlist of Oscar nominated shorts.

First one is.... hecc. It's good. In some ways a bit too relatable.

Content warning for uuuh. (Sexual?) abuse, family issues, cruelty towards animals...?

edit: Seizure warning for "Don't know what"

...ok, just... assume that all these need content warnings for something and that the artists couldn't be arsed to include those in the video itself.


Hh, I love this:
"cherry vodka - a following two strangers meeting unexpectedly in summer ’88"

Belated photos of the finished thingy.

This was also my first time doing "book" binding. It didn't fall apart and my grandpa liked it, so I consider it a success.

PS sources: git.sr.ht/~raingloom/postscrip

flashing colors/artistic nudity/body parts in some of the linked videos 

Created this on at candlelight on an ancient monochrome CRT hooked up to an RPi3. Final conversion was done on Guix.
It's supposed to be a stylized hydrogen atom.
Now to figure out how to print it...

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