Oh hey, looks like Jehanne is still alive. I wonder if Shamar has any accounts on non freezepeach instances and will see this post.

One thing that's been bugging me about for a while is:
what if a data structure that you represent as a file system has an "overlay" function that is not compatible with bind?
In a Lisp-y language based OS, that should be as simple as having some (possibly many) implementations of an interface.

I barely used for a few minutes so far but it's totally blowing my mind. So far it's everything I love about without any of the downsides. It even has better mouse selection support, because it can work with multiple selections.
Not sure if/how it can mimic Acme "modes" like Mail, but I've never used those, so I don't miss them for now.
It might be worth porting to .

Created this on at candlelight on an ancient monochrome CRT hooked up to an RPi3. Final conversion was done on Guix.
It's supposed to be a stylized hydrogen atom.
Now to figure out how to print it...

The wikifs could probably be adapted to use formatting. I started writing a converter but then realized... I have the source code. I should just patch it.

porting to native APE-less , mostly for fun. but also if someone wanted to link Lua into their C project, this would let them do that. (a Lua version of acid would be a welcome addition IMHO, because acid's language is kind of... not very good.)

i couldn't figure out how to get uname into afid.aux but i realized it's copied already, so now patfs can tell you who sent you a pat:

Implementing a content-addressed / "immutable" file system for .
Still not much code to show, I spent most of the time so far reading 9p(2) , but now I think I know what operations I want to support.
I want to use it for efficient lookups and comparisons. Should be pretty useful for file sharing, build systems, etc.
Anyways, if you're interested and have some constructive input, pls share!

finally the myth of why my plan9.ini tricks didn't work on RPi seem to be solved:
"cmdline.txt is where the plan9.ini values are taken from, but it all
needs to be *on* *one* *line*"

(from 9front list)

a less glamorous but interesting aspect of software that i don't see much discussion about is energy efficiency.
how good is it? how could it be improved?
i don't think there is any way to tell an application to send its graphics thread to sleep, so that's not ideal. maybe one could suspend their entire rio process?

I also completely forgot how logical expressions and forks work, but it finally works!

now, onto the harder stuff!

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blog is online once again


praise be to Glenda and the cat-v IRC (specifically rodri) for helping me debug rc-httpd

working on a port of 's NAR format for for a future purely functional package manager in the spirit of .

did you know that the compilers have warnings for binary shifts that exceed the integer type's width? /bin/5c is surprisingly user friendly sometimes. (but the syntax errors could still use some work)


finally packaged for for real.

The version I had on Git last night was the wrong one, but now I've fixed it. I'll still have to port over my scripts, but now I can finally use on Guix SD.

Yay, fixed up my schedule, all thanks to and some script I cooked up in .
It's an mkfile that generates a tab-separated-values files with the help of some C for parsing.
It's a relatively small dataset, so a database would have been overkill and harder to work with, and the regularity of the format let me use grep and Acme's Edit command to do some pretty nifty things.

(well, technically plan9port, but I checked and my script works on a proper Plan 9 as well)

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