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This song is still amazing.
- Friend or Foe

Pretty bummed that this band seems to have only one other original song and hasn't produced anything in 5 years. They are way too good to have disappeared without a trace.

this song from has a full version and doesn't actually originate from the show.
- I Look Up To You

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whoa, a new post from solderpunk:

> Been an even longer time

good ideas for reflecting... just in time for when i decided to "reduce overthinking" ^^'

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@bright_helpings Audiobooks might be a great format for illiterate people to read books. 🤔

I've never seen anybody from the west discuss illiteracy as an accessibility problem.

A lot of people from my grandparents' generation born right after independence, especially women, never learnt to read and write because the new government didn't construct the schools yet. Still they were well informed of the news through radio broadcasts.

#accessibility #illiteracy #audiobooks

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@zens @wolfie @ljwrites @bright_helpings agreed, and poor people are usually the ones hit hardest by internalised classism. My daughter used to go to school with favela kids in Brazil; in a parent's meeting I once saw a mother crying about how she couldn't convince her little daughter to come to class anymore, because the other favela kids mocked her because her Nike sneakers were not legitimate.

If you read Paulo Freire's work on expanding literacy in Brazil, it's clear that the core step was to dismantle people's own reduced sense of self-worth in being "analphabets". People would only have confidence to deal with schooling at all, after Freire walked through rural folks' own knowledge and culture to make themselves aware they are not the inferior beings ideology paints them as. Like @zens said, a bricklayer in Brazil can actually enjoy a pretty wealthy lifestyle if they're lucky to be at the right place on the market; they'll still feel ashamed of being a bricklayer, and mortified if anybody found out they can't read.

I'll add that writing wasn't just restricted, it was and is a culturally-specific phenomenon, and thus is bound with colonialism, slavery, xenophobia and racism. It can be freed from that, but to free it from that you have to dismantle the sense of superiority it carries, because that sense stems from Euro (or Han) ideals of superiority.

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running along a river today, i realized that if i hadn't been taught otherwise, i would fully and sincerely* consider that it is / they are a living being.

* (not only rationally as i do now)

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Providence Bike Jam tonight.

First time I've made it, it's really nice to be amongst a ton of bikers.

Tonight is a protest, because a bunch of business are trying to get a not quite complete bike blvd on S. Water Street ripped out. So we made a hundred bikers very visible, and then descended upon a beer garden that supports the lane.

I got ice cream at a food truck that thrives on foot traffic.

A good time has been had.

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praying to god to answer... is this 125664 var + 512001 clause formula UNSAT?

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If there is anyone here who'd like to work with me as a Research Associate from 1 Jan 2022 until 31 July 2023 or for a shorter period, full-time or part-time, please let me know.

Closing date is 13 Oct, no applicants so far so I will re-advertise if needed.

The post is on a research project at the intersection of embedded systems (SW&HW), programming languages, compilers, runtime systems and type theory. So if you know about any of these areas, it may suit you.

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Feels strange folding baby clothes with airplanes on them. Seems like a motive that has lost its innocence.

I can't believe I stayed up this late for completely optional homework. To be honest I don't think SymPy is going to help with the rest of it but trying to make it work is so much fun.
I'm doing some basic decision theory that compares different choices of utility functions in different settings.
It wasn't fruitless, because I realized an interesting thing about the choice of u=log and why normalizing it isn't necessarily worth the effort.

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Went through the programming language energy efficiency paper again annnd maybe I should get more into OCaml? Rust is a bit too restrictive for what I usually do, anything without typeclasses is just nope, but Haskell gets a pretty bad score, so... OCaml could be the sweet spot. And it's still getting cool new features like effect handlers.
Maybe I should try making a game in it...

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Dissociation, mental health, inktober #6 

Sometimes that's just how I am and how I feel, literally.

Available at 30€, delivery included to France

#dustyart #mastodonart #art #inktober #inktober2021

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transphobia, LGB Alliance 

From 'What's Up With "Gender Critical" Gay Guys?'

> The UK’s high rate of homelessness amongst LGBT youth, the risk of deportation faced by gay asylum seekers, or the fact that homophobic hate crime has soared since 2015 [...] Gay people in Britain can breath[e] a sigh of relief that an organization is here at last to advance their interests, all of which, for some reason, involve antagonising trans people.

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What are some projects local to you that are doing exciting/inspiring work?
Free markets and pantries, land back projects, skillshares, anarchist housing or squats, diy medicine or anything else!
I'd love to hear all about them. It helps to see examples of what's going on in other places

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new #introductions

• Self-employed illustrator
• b.1990
• Cis (he/they)
• Brown
• Capitalism sucks
• Brit, Swedish resident
• Min svenska suger, men du kan prata med mig och jag kan försöka svara på min kassa svenska
• I like talking art, Star Trek, Film/TV, Books, music. I'm a bit shy, but happy to talk!

A lotta my art is a project where I document a world through illustrated haiku poetry. Also make silly / horrid comics.

I'm ok at CW stuff but you can lemme know if I'm not!

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