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Got a working the terminal companion app for the OP-Z running on the DevTerm CM3 (Raspberry Pi).

well razer blade 15 die because battery got bloated... so on o hunt for a new laptop that will last more that 3 years

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hey @neauoire are u guys going to continue uploading videos to youtube ?

Crypto this crypto that , next will have crypto smoothie

I miss the old web , i miss Netscape and my 56k modem that didn’t work on linux

Its wrong to think this ux trend, kind a ruined web design ? for me i mean the web was a place to explore, apps where like windows to someones mind now everything its like paint by numbers.. random thought as i work in a web app

@neauoire ok i might me the last one but im gonna try this plan 9 thing. Are you using any vm to run it or maybe just try to intalled on a pi

@neauoire @rek

have you seen this ?
Kyle McDonald is working on this project “te lapa”, an unexplained luminous phenomena used for navigation by polynesian voyagers High voltage signSailboat

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Job laid me off. Available for hire. Artist turned animator/compositor turned TD/pipeline dev. Stupendously good at After Effects, openframeworks, python, C, C++, *cough*javascript

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in the last months i recoded the stuff i'm used the most in c.

Writing in c is a bit harder, but when you get it good most of the code is beautiful.

As there are less layer of abstraction the debugging feels a lot easier, and as debugging is what makes your life miserable this is not something to understimate.

Making the easier part of coding harder and the most frustrating easier will totally keep you in the flow, making it an INCREDIBLY NICE experience.

ok i had to learn vuejs graphql and express for a job test now i hate even more JS

when they try to convince you our leaders know how to use computers.

@neauoire i started using Dew. i like it. i had to updated to swift 3 to make it run on my phone jajajaja

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