Will we be able to show our grandchildren how did old stuff work, or “Cannot connect to server” will be the only message that will be displayed?


@npisanti well, no, in a sense, the article argues that this won't. Window Media Player ships with win95 I think, and as long as copies of this skin lives on, this shall not be lost.

@neauoire sorry you're right, i just wanted too much to be melodramatic about how wicked skins are not a thing anymore...

but yes it clearly state in the article that was just most of the internet stuff not working, and luckily most of the programs in win95 were offline-first

@npisanti @neauoire Things like this might live on through intentional nostalgic compatibility, like Audacious, that is still built to use Winamp Skins. https://audacious-media-player.org/

@npisanti @doxanthropos
it was a really good player the UI will never pass this days project managers and UXs experts

@cyrstem @doxanthropos

the tiranny of designers

maybe only vst plugins still keep the heritage of funky skins

(pictured: ohmforce predatohm)


@npisanti @doxanthropos find them first, gonna go on a hunt for a floppy disk reader to, if such a thing still survive somewhere in Quito

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@cyrstem @doxanthropos
we got a usb floppy disk reader in the local hackerspace, maybe you can find a similar device (or get it second hand)

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