I kept thinking about @neauoire 's post on "longtermism", so I organized my own thoughts on optimization for sustainability: gemini://

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@d Interesting response, I wonder if I should make a response here, or on the wiki.

I should make it clearer on the original article that the point of the article is more about longtermism and resilience than environmental consciousness.

The idea I was trying to get across(failed apparently) is that I want simpler systems that can be easily repaired without a team of scientists.

But who knows, maybe a day comes when a fusion reactor fits in a backpack and can be fixed with a ilan key.

@neauoire the resilience point came across, but I guess I see that as part of the effective banking of energy. Consumption reduced by lower input (during consumption) or by longer life (after consumption) may net out similarly. And I think a future which finds us evolved and educated to use less and/or build more durably is essentially the same as a future in which we simply have unlimited energy resources. Neither will be easy, both are good aspirations.

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