Pinephone arrived today. This thing will receive at least half of my waking attention over the next two days. I have high hopes.

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@d let us know if it is usable so far. I was an early adopter and at the time the os was too buggy to be usable

@plknkl so far it’s a total nightmare. To be clear, it’s physically well built and good looking. The software (mobian for me so far) is unbelievably buggy. I had to wipe it after it stopped taking my pin code an hour out of the box, and then I had to flash the modem firmware. I don’t regret this as a tinkerer and hobbyist, and their heart is in the right place, but this is not a phone if you need one to function well, or out of the box.

@d yep, had the same experience over a year ago. Not much have changed.

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