Does anybody around these parts do Enterprise Architecture formally? Almost nobody I know bothers to use TOGAF or the like, and yet I've found it useful in the past. Is there a lighter, more modern alternative?

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@d even getting a copy of TOGAF is more than a lot of newer architects are willing to put up with, but that being said I think it's valuable to read if just to have some good tools at your disposal.

These days I've stuck more to "build platforms and use evolutionary architectures" instead of going hard on enterprise architecture

@rslabbert this is what I'm noticing, honestly. Heck, it's what I've been doing myself lately, and I am just a bit tired of the disjointedness of the resultant systems. It all makes sense when they're small and teambound, but when the services start interacting across teams, the evolutionary approach has a few wrinkles, not the least of which is the difficulty weeding out excess.

@d I think the primary issue is that it's impossible for humans to mentally scale past a certain point regardless of the framework. We can either accept duplication in order to give teams autonomy and use some techniques to make it at least slightly consistent, or we go centralised and slow everyone down to the speed of the central architecture team.

That being said, using EA techniques to assess and optimise areas of an architecture is terrific, but it has to by nature be temporary.

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