Don't mind me, just using dotgrid to model interlocking concrete textile blocks I'll be casting for my home because it's way more fun than CAD. @rek / @neauoire beautiful work on this application.


And hey, this one's actually headed to tooling production at the foundry today. From dotgrid to cad to real metal soon, thanks @rek @neauoire !

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@d this looks cool, it's a frame / mold for making concrete blocks? What's the purpose of the blocks?

@voxel yep, my house is made of these. Well, not the whole thing, but lots of it, and they're from 1954, so some of them have seen better days, especially those outside. The originals were made on site with plywood molds, long since lost, so I came up with a more modern design which could interlock a bit and be used in retaining walls as well as alongside the originals. Got a foundry to make me a bunch, and I'll just make my blocks as I need them, five or six at a time.

By "House of Ideas" you know what they really meant was "House of the Future Disappointment of 2022 Because Their Houses Don't Look Like This Any More"

This is a Deigert & Yerkes build from 1956 which got torn down in exchange for a vulgar McMansion with portholes for windows.

@neauoire @rek it's a mold to recreate a concrete block so I can rebuild parts of my house, updated for interlocking and the ability to swap out which side(s) have patterns.

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