Don't mind me, just using dotgrid to model interlocking concrete textile blocks I'll be casting for my home because it's way more fun than CAD. @rek / @neauoire beautiful work on this application.

Finally, a new desk situation at home (workstation for two). The frame was salvaged from a NASA office outside Houston, some elements powdercoated, others polished, and the top was commissioned in quarter sawn ribbon sapele from a local woodshop. This worked out.

Sanded the water stains and damage off this table and really happy with how it came out. Before oil (but after sanding) / after oil. Finish is just tung oil & citrus solvent.

It’s the curse and blessing of minimalism that I try to make a coaster I can stand to have at my bedside and spend a half hour of sanding and cutting to get something which doesn’t exude “half hour of cutting and sanding”. Titanium isn’t easy to work, but it is pretty.

Made some gin tonight inspired by the 100r recipe, but deconstructed for flexibility. gemini://

Built a hardware productivity logger to replace my shell script (or sometimes kitchen timer) because I don't want to always be productive at a computer. This deserves a decent case, but it's already better to look at than what I was using. Next up: dashboarding.

Just got my vol III for PoC || GTFO. It’s beautiful, of course, but PSA here in case anyone doesn’t know about this journal which is clearly a Merveilles kinda thing.


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