@rslabbert this is what I'm noticing, honestly. Heck, it's what I've been doing myself lately, and I am just a bit tired of the disjointedness of the resultant systems. It all makes sense when they're small and teambound, but when the services start interacting across teams, the evolutionary approach has a few wrinkles, not the least of which is the difficulty weeding out excess.

Does anybody around these parts do Enterprise Architecture formally? Almost nobody I know bothers to use TOGAF or the like, and yet I've found it useful in the past. Is there a lighter, more modern alternative?

@neauoire @aw @earthling If you've ever had occasion to deal with a lawyer, sometimes this is a thing they offer for free or for cheap.

xbill is a *nix game from 1994 where you work to stop a hacker named Bill from installing a certain proprietary operating system on computers.

TIL there's a modern take named xlennart where you work to stop an unpopular hacker from installing his malicious init system on #linux/#bsd.

Plan9 might just be the best environment for the MNT Reform. Join in Sunday July 31st at 2PM PDT / 2100 UTC live from the MNT Reform thanks to work by @sigrid


#community #peertube #plan9 #9front @mntmn

Don't mind me, just using dotgrid to model interlocking concrete textile blocks I'll be casting for my home because it's way more fun than CAD. @rek / @neauoire beautiful work on this application.

Step one of a trip, waiting at the train station.

(CW: #selfie, eye contact)

@ritualdust @neauoire You might also like the Techno typeface from the 1960s Hermes typewriters. It has a similar squared monospace vibe.

I wonder if there's such a thing as guerilla gardening geocaching.

Planted wheat, barley and mustard greens at 50°8.409'N 124°56.842'W

Planted lentils, mung beans and radishes at 50°8.527'N 124°40.195'W

- Extending the UI is as simple as text editing and part of the daily use of the system
- As few abstractions/metaphores as possible consistent through the whole sistem
- As few features as possible
- Infinitely extensible
- Everything was deconstructed and renamed to create a new metaphoric landscape to allow us to tell happier stories
- Almost everything operates on selections and selections are lists of strings
- Themeable, of course :)

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In a nutshell:

- Every program is a literate program
- The main interface is a visual editor
- Ergonomics and discoverability over mnemonics
- Empowering instead of powerfull
- Only does what you teach and ask to do
- Only shows what you explicity ask to see
- Off-line first
- No bit moves over the network unless you ask
- Everything is persistent unless you explicitly compost it
- Using and programming, consumming and producing are integrated in the same flow

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Right now it is a fictional system.
Its name is Ool.
It is beeing imagined in retroforth.
It isn't yet in developement.
It tries to be one of those editors in which you can live.
It is primarily designed to address my limitations in the hope of helping others too.

The name and many concepts came from:

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I've tried and failed to write a proper introduction to this thing a hundred times. In english and spanish.

It may be because it is still kind of half baked, but I can't keep it any more.

So I'll start to share notes here in an unlisted thread and, hopefully, it will get more clear as it goes.

Please feel free to tell me if it bothers in any way.

Dall-E mini action: Mr. T hacks a computer network 

Sorry, i had to get in on the action too.

My prompt: "Mr. T hacks a computer network".
Brings together two of my interests.

You can try Dall-E mini here: huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mi

Plenty of FORTH fans in here, and this makes a ton of sense if you already use a DM42 - github.com/zooxo/IV42 … actually might make more sense than the normal Free42 binary on that calculator if your primary concern is writing programs rather than advanced mathematics.

@mrdoornbos I just got one too, it’s great! I don’t even have any particular nostalgia for the 42s, but I like RPN, and I appreciate the focus and power of the DM42.

Excellent interview with the CTO of Raptor Computing Systems (vendors of fully-open POWER9 workstations):


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