Urmila Mahadev spent eight years in graduate school solving one of the most basic questions in quantum computation: How do you know whether a quantum computer has done anything quantum at all?

She does this with some incredibly clever tricks borrowing from cryptography.

quantamagazine.org/graduate-st #crypto #compsci #quantum #woot

@natehn very interested in this Vault project of yours!

I’m surprised we don’t have more obsidian / obsidian publish users on here. It doesn’t have the style of many of your wikis, but it sure is an elegant ecosystem. obsidian.md

As the lunar nodal precession cycle advances, it sometimes leads to higher high tides, and other times it leads to lower high tides. Right now, we're at a point in the Moon's place in the cycle which tends to diminish the reach of high tide, **which masks sea level rise**.

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This whole project is pretty dumb, but luckily I can keep editing it till it's actually funny. You can also register and edit till I rip it down at some point: after.emilylilyli.me/register

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@neauoire pretty sure there’s no such thing as regretting the use of less metal when you live in salt water.

@ritualdust leather protectors is a great idea, I'm going to do that! Good excuse to give the leatherworking gear some wear!

@emilyst this is a very reasonable assessment. World War I spilling into the artistic consciousness?

@ritualdust Does the chisel holder protect the tip, or is it holding at the shank? I always get a bit of a flutter as I sort through my drawer of chisels... haven't cut myself yet, but it's a careless moment away...

@neauoire can’t drill out and weld in some new metal? That can be done with aluminum sometimes… not sure about iron, but it seems even more forgiving.

@emilyst I'm definitely in the "they've turned inward with fear upon discovering the dark forest" camp.

@lilletale @neauoire And this casual reference led to a google query which led to wikipedia, which led to me knowing about shipworms. Glad you're sailing on expoxy and fiberglass!

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