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@emilyst do you log the stuff you want to do, and the stuff you did? That helps keep me on track... my issue is "there's never enough time", which, of course, there isn't, but being more intentional about both logs, the "want" and the "did" help me reconcile this feeling. This sounds similar, though with the fatigue twist instead of time.

there’s a style of computer art which gets called “pixel art” but i don’t think that quite fits, at least not with the modern conception of the term. in pc88 art no one was trying to do “pixel art”, they were just trying to make their normal art look good in a limited medium.
but we don’t really have the vocabulary to make the distinction between someone who is working against the limitations of a medium and someone who is embracing the limitations as their own aesthetic

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@emilyst all of this sounds better than speaking with people, especially dentists, so they can do the same thing you can do in your bathroom!

@emilyst it’s tempting. I have this sharp edge that’s bugged me for years, just never been brave enough to get out a file and have at it. How much did you take off? Like just superficial?

@emilyst whoa. Is this a thing? Like, does it look good?

@neauoire that is going to be a sweet place to proof some sourdough rolls when it's cold everywhere else.

@voxel yeah, I figured that might be why the A4 reference! Ah well, this is definitely a problem with prototyping, I see people talking about ordering from Digikey and McMaster-Carr all the time as though there's no cost/quantity/shipping impediment, and I know they're either far richer, far dumber, or far more sponsored than I am.

Someone modeled the climate of a retrograde Earth (one spinning in the opposite direction):

Due to the opposite-direction Coriolis forces, everything would be wildly different. Deserts, forests, tundras, all moved around.

@neauoire @lilletale and they really, absolutely, cannot get wet! Special challenge for you I suppose!

@neauoire @lilletale that’s a lot of btu from a little stove! We heat 1600ft^2 on 60,000btu easily all winter in DC, so I imagine this would make a boat quite cozy. These are great btw too, and would be more space efficient per btu: ... just watch your air control because they burn way hotter than standard wood.

@frainz I would recommend against the bladeRF, in case you’re considering that one. It’s a half baked product, though certainly flexible. Haven’t messed with the Pluto.

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