@allison "echo 'dial 5551234567' > /phone/phone" is fucking amazing.

e v e r y t h i n g i s a f i l e

@allison @parity omg, ok, I take back the snark. That's pretty much exactly what I'm talking about (in a good way). This is a stripping-away of the nonessential and the traditional. It's ugly as can be, but that's just a style matter, and easily changed. Fundamentally, this has better prospects for stability and usefulness.

@Sovereign_Beast (2/2) The actual technological feat is a distraction, though. It's a functionality paradigm shift that's needed. The pantomime-Android situation here is predicated on assumptions about the use and featureset of a smartphone. Throw those away, invent something new! Light Phone II did this, and it works way better. Honestly, I don't know that Light Phone II isn't just an Android skin, but it doesn't suffer for being one, if it is.

@Sovereign_Beast (1/2) I would love to say ground-up OS, but I think that obviates the general purpose hardware we have here, and the hardware isn't really the problem. So... instead of being a purist in that regard, I would advocate for a paring down of an existing OS.

@parity yes please, I can't wait to try drawing window borders on a 5" screen!

In fact, to offset the damage, I'll just link Araby here, it's a short read and it'll do more for your edification than a bushel of moaning about Pinephone bloat: owleyes.org/text/araby/read/ar

@allison good to know, this was my first work on their stuff.

The experience is summed up in my mind by the conclusion of Joyce's "Araby" (an excellent read if you haven't), "Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity" ... should have spent the pennies of my weekend more wisely here.

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The manifold and petty ways in which mobile linux on Pinephone appears to be broken is not compelling. Someone needs to hack this product back to basics. An attempt to overlay and implement the features of commodity smartphones upon the bloat of GNU/Linux is neither approachable nor maintainable. The hardware is nice, and it's begging for paradigm-shift minimalist OS, not 1.6GB of GNU/Linux desktop packages stuffed into a pantomime Android costume.

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@sirjofri looks amazing! What’s the screen part number / model?

It’s official. Mobian on Pinephone is an unpleasant circus. I don’t think this is the Pinephone’s fault, I blame Linux, which, either because of or in spite of decades of talent being poured into its ecosystem, remains a rabbit warren inside a dumpster fire.

@plknkl so far it’s a total nightmare. To be clear, it’s physically well built and good looking. The software (mobian for me so far) is unbelievably buggy. I had to wipe it after it stopped taking my pin code an hour out of the box, and then I had to flash the modem firmware. I don’t regret this as a tinkerer and hobbyist, and their heart is in the right place, but this is not a phone if you need one to function well, or out of the box.

Pinephone arrived today. This thing will receive at least half of my waking attention over the next two days. I have high hopes.

@sprkwd man, this would be so cool if they did the same for an open source hardware platform.

@kemonine This might be at odds with the notion of wearing it on the hand (or strapped to the body somehow), but a CNC machined ~13mm thick 304 stainless steel plinth-case would probably be the perfect amount of weight at that size to keep it from moving around. Just bond a thin rubber sheet on that to keep it from marring surfaces, and it'd be both cool and functional.

Not going to be nothing, but stainless in simple cuts isn't so expensive, either, and this is small.

@kemonine I like it, nice work. You planning to publish the spec / sell kits?

@allison @neauoire @roadriverrail an interesting assertion, and a slippery slope of blame! We could turn to education for this remedy, though. Abstraction can be good in moderation, and that moderation is realized when the users (including technical users) are sufficiently educated in the options available to them, and when each is best applied.

@roadriverrail @neauoire took me a moment to find this again, but here's a good background-listen on the subject: youtube.com/watch?v=pW-SOdj4Kk

@neauoire @roadriverrail I think it's a pervasive abstraction from fundamentals. I'm not claiming that nobody is paying attention to this today, but fewer and fewer incentives are aligned with low level work - "grab your template container and go" is today's average engineer, and "poke at the ipad" is today's average user, and they both get their fix [money, dopamine]. This is harmless individually, ruinous systemically.

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