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hello friends!

my work mainly involves programs and music, but also write and make visual art.

my interests are wide but include math, divination, bikes, types, procedural generation, harshness, and solidarity.

you will likely see me talking about uxn as well as various other projects i'm working on.

LOL (Living On-Line) will be more addictive than any drug on the market. Once you start using LOL, you will never quit. ↯94MAR


it has been 0️⃣0️⃣ days since i woke up with a debilitating headache

The Wordle Post, which contains the sentence "Let the angels weep, then," is up on Set Side B:

I've been thinking about moving away from GMail for _years_ but never a real need to do so. But it looks like now it basically won't be compatible with arbitrary email clients anymore??


Hope you don't use GMail through a custom or open source mail client


I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here:

Hello fans, I have just updated uxngba [1] and uxn-linuxfb [2] to the current UXN core and mailing list changes. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


really need to rehearse some guitar parts tonight but struggling to focus

i think i'm going to create a multiplayer idle RPG that runs over telnet

@d6 Oh sure, that's what they tell you, but then you're the one stuck with 1M open JIRA tasks, all marked show-stopper and all somehow assigned to the obelisks that haven't worked here in a millennia.

choose your computing device

bike repair 🚲 

so the sequence of events ended up being:

1. need to patch tube to repair a flat
2. realizing valve was broken, need to replace tube
3. realizing tires were punctured and worn, need new tires
4. go buy new tires, bike shop points out rear wheel is out of true
5. while fixing, bike shop notices rear wheel is actually cracked
5. buy new rear wheel

i'm glad to get this all fixed but it's remarkable where it started and ended 😅

@wicche i think you can define the doom metal space prety well with one of these pyramid charts where the 3 edges are: "stoned", "depressed", and "way into fantasy novels"

tabletop gaming aid opinions 

awhile ago I prototyped a gaming aid that uses a thermal printer to generate stuff (hirelings, NPCs, weather, foods/drinks/potions, monsters, events, maps, mazes, puzzles, etc). The output can be filed away for later reference.

I built it because I don’t like using computers/screens at the table. during COVID this device wasn’t useful but I’m thinking of picking it back up, refining it, and posting a build guide.

if you play tabletop RPGs does this appeal to you?

I found this transcript of an Infocom Implementors reunion chat (Feb 1992). It doesn't seem to exist anywhere else on the Internet, so I uploaded it:

I think it took place on the CompuServe Gamers forum.

Funny looking back on a time that thought that Infocom was ancient history, because everybody had left two or three years ago.

Seeking #comal #c128 demo disk...

asking for a friend! Boosts welcome!

> looking for a C-128 Comal 2.02 Cartridge or the demo disk that came with the cartridge. Need the symbol table from the disk. Would like to build a modern version of the cartridge. Also looking for the CP/M Comal ver.2.1 (full program) and manual for the C-128

#retrocomputing #c64

only completed half of what i needed to today but i'm completely exhausted. time for bed.

eye contact, wizard beard, etc. 

felt esoteric, might delete later


copying all the important files off this broken debian install before i set it on fire

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