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This is the kind of stuff I'd love to be retired for (to have the time to-do):

Been meaning to post this here for a bit, but I was plowing through a backlog of "Log" and their issue 47 on "Overcoming Carbon Form" has some especially brilliant articles about energy source dependence in city planning and architecture. Highly recommended.

What a community, I love this place. Twitter may have on occasion been this interesting, but it was never this civilized and consistently creative.

Built a hardware productivity logger to replace my shell script (or sometimes kitchen timer) because I don't want to always be productive at a computer. This deserves a decent case, but it's already better to look at than what I was using. Next up: dashboarding.

1. Futura PT is a stunning font. 2. eInk ftw. || I get to bask in both these things tonight.

Since my friends and I are on a (re)reading binge, I compiled resources. Don't read Ulysses alone, people, it's the difference between enrichment and, well, something really awful. gemini://

It's time to reread Ulysses, so I'm digging around for additional Joyce resources to help with the study, and... fonts. (thankfully I'm not rereading Finnegan's Wake, because that's just a jumping of the shark, but cool glyphs)

There's a lot less TempleOS chatter on here than I'd anticipate. Surely someone will tire of Plan9 and its dearth of options for embedding 3D objects into ASCII text.

We need a weekly Merveilles HF ham net. Anyone?

Fit the Second, in which Mr. Pike's third trend haunts all the other trends right out of the damn circus. gemini://

gemini:// a summary of my PinePhone experience, and first in a series I'm writing to explain to myself this microcosm of a technological tragedy playing out before our eyes.

Just got my vol III for PoC || GTFO. It’s beautiful, of course, but PSA here in case anyone doesn’t know about this journal which is clearly a Merveilles kinda thing.

In fact, to offset the damage, I'll just link Araby here, it's a short read and it'll do more for your edification than a bushel of moaning about Pinephone bloat:

The experience is summed up in my mind by the conclusion of Joyce's "Araby" (an excellent read if you haven't), "Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity" ... should have spent the pennies of my weekend more wisely here.

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The manifold and petty ways in which mobile linux on Pinephone appears to be broken is not compelling. Someone needs to hack this product back to basics. An attempt to overlay and implement the features of commodity smartphones upon the bloat of GNU/Linux is neither approachable nor maintainable. The hardware is nice, and it's begging for paradigm-shift minimalist OS, not 1.6GB of GNU/Linux desktop packages stuffed into a pantomime Android costume.

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It’s official. Mobian on Pinephone is an unpleasant circus. I don’t think this is the Pinephone’s fault, I blame Linux, which, either because of or in spite of decades of talent being poured into its ecosystem, remains a rabbit warren inside a dumpster fire.

Pinephone arrived today. This thing will receive at least half of my waking attention over the next two days. I have high hopes.

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