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re: Cyberwar 


If you have accounts without MFA enabled... go enable it now... preferably Authenticator App based MFA.

If You are not running some sort of endpoint security, do it now... I don't care what OS you run... find something, preferably something with predictive security modeling.

Use more scrutiny than usual with email. It's about to get really bad out there.

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✨ Little Webby Press ✨

Little Webby Press is almost ready for general usage. This is a client-side only webapp to generate eBooks and static websites from Markdown files.

To use it, you simply load a folder from your computer. The interface is stateless and will simply reflect the content of your folder. No editing. No transmission of any data.

The video below shows it assembling an ePub3 and a Web site for Moby Dick in less than 5 seconds.

#ebooks #selfpublishing #writingcommunity

Using ?

If there are any devices in 'lsusb' where you know what they are, but the description is incomplete or missing, you can easily contribute them at

Same for 'lspci' and

Sanded the water stains and damage off this table and really happy with how it came out. Before oil (but after sanding) / after oil. Finish is just tung oil & citrus solvent.

It’s the curse and blessing of minimalism that I try to make a coaster I can stand to have at my bedside and spend a half hour of sanding and cutting to get something which doesn’t exude “half hour of cutting and sanding”. Titanium isn’t easy to work, but it is pretty.

The Tokyo Government runs an official site where you enter general details on your households and the site gives you a list of all items/food you need to survive one week in case a natural disaster cuts you off from water, gas, electricity and shopping.

almost done building my first diy synth, the "sanfreo euroling". you can find the schematic as well as details on how it works here:

next is actually recording some of what it sounds like and making some final adjustments

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If for some reason I ever have a massive block of time off, or just get tired of working and retire, this is near the top of my list for things to do around the house:

Made some gin tonight inspired by the 100r recipe, but deconstructed for flexibility. gemini://

After nearly 80 hours of work.. I've completed the port of Nasu to the computer. It took a while because I had to learn that assembly language, and I took a bunch of twists and turn adding new features that would make it easier for us to make assets for our upcoming projects.

In any case, I'm am super happy with it.

Anyone here know a really competent front end / UI dev shop? I’m writing up an SOW for a user portal to a cybersecurity service, and I figure this crowd knows some folks who can actually design a good interface.

there’s a style of computer art which gets called “pixel art” but i don’t think that quite fits, at least not with the modern conception of the term. in pc88 art no one was trying to do “pixel art”, they were just trying to make their normal art look good in a limited medium.
but we don’t really have the vocabulary to make the distinction between someone who is working against the limitations of a medium and someone who is embracing the limitations as their own aesthetic

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This is the kind of stuff I'd love to be retired for (to have the time to-do):

Been meaning to post this here for a bit, but I was plowing through a backlog of "Log" and their issue 47 on "Overcoming Carbon Form" has some especially brilliant articles about energy source dependence in city planning and architecture. Highly recommended.

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