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Anybody here know a good dev shop that works in Go?

The Jackpot: The mundane cataclysm of modernity itself. It is hundreds of millions of people driving to the supermarket in their SUVs, flying six times a year, and eating medicated animals for dinner.

Pino is ready to head back out, now that we have a working engine. Tomorrow we'll stock up for a couple of days-worth, and point north!

Here's the whole engine rebuild story!

@deianeira lesson was, the harder the drillbit, the harder your life will be when it breaks inside the hole..

Fedi level 0: Hear about Mastodon from someone.
Fedi level 1: Join an instance.
Fedi level 2: Run an instance.
Fedi level 3: Switch AP software due to Opinions and/or Discourse.
Fedi level 4: Write your own AP implementation.

"Appeals to decentralization too often fail to contend with the power structures that can take hold of supposedly liberatory projects."

Urmila Mahadev spent eight years in graduate school solving one of the most basic questions in quantum computation: How do you know whether a quantum computer has done anything quantum at all?

She does this with some incredibly clever tricks borrowing from cryptography. #crypto #compsci #quantum #woot

I’m surprised we don’t have more obsidian / obsidian publish users on here. It doesn’t have the style of many of your wikis, but it sure is an elegant ecosystem.

re: Cyberwar 


If you have accounts without MFA enabled... go enable it now... preferably Authenticator App based MFA.

If You are not running some sort of endpoint security, do it now... I don't care what OS you run... find something, preferably something with predictive security modeling.

Use more scrutiny than usual with email. It's about to get really bad out there.

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✨ Little Webby Press ✨

Little Webby Press is almost ready for general usage. This is a client-side only webapp to generate eBooks and static websites from Markdown files.

To use it, you simply load a folder from your computer. The interface is stateless and will simply reflect the content of your folder. No editing. No transmission of any data.

The video below shows it assembling an ePub3 and a Web site for Moby Dick in less than 5 seconds.

#ebooks #selfpublishing #writingcommunity

Using ?

If there are any devices in 'lsusb' where you know what they are, but the description is incomplete or missing, you can easily contribute them at

Same for 'lspci' and

Sanded the water stains and damage off this table and really happy with how it came out. Before oil (but after sanding) / after oil. Finish is just tung oil & citrus solvent.

It’s the curse and blessing of minimalism that I try to make a coaster I can stand to have at my bedside and spend a half hour of sanding and cutting to get something which doesn’t exude “half hour of cutting and sanding”. Titanium isn’t easy to work, but it is pretty.

The Tokyo Government runs an official site where you enter general details on your households and the site gives you a list of all items/food you need to survive one week in case a natural disaster cuts you off from water, gas, electricity and shopping.

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