don't cry, insects
in my mosquito net
and goes to bed
in the autumn evening

the yearning for more can only be satiated by less

metamorphosis through which one must come to terms with their own beauty and the harrowing reality that they have prevented themselves from being it, prevented themselves from seeing it.

choosing least fare at every crossroad in denial of one's own destiny, in denial of one's own capability, in denial of one's own virtue, in denial of one's own calling.

crying; for this change in state comes only in a death, and the shame of having to put your chance to rest.

the moments in between your words
when I wanted to cry but wet wouldn't my eyes
this is your foremost achievement
this is my foremost achievement
to hell with us both

i can't even cry when the time is warranted
what good am i

if i had opened myself to you earlier
i would have shed a tear then
i would have a tear to shed now

a good friend of mine raised an interesting notion that I would like to share:

to live is to lay on a bed of nails. there are many difficulties, but in balance one can distribute their weight and lay comfortably atop them.

should one allow a given problem to get out of hand, to isolate a trouble and make it the center of attention, attempt to ignore or eliminate troubles ((virtuous as that may seem)), many nails recede and one is left to bleed on the remaining, protruding, foremost troubles.

Just found out that yesterday was Earth Overshoot Day. This means that humanity has now used up all biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year. For the rest of the year, we are living on the reserves of Eath.

literacy is the foremost problem.
not implementation.

her value was provided more in concept than in execution and I was the only one willing to give the benefit of that doubt

heart beating out of chest
and thinking "good to feel you're still alive, old friend"

transcendence is a state that can only be perceived from within the confined of ordinary perception

too much liquor is a state that can only be perceived if you haven't yet had enough liquor

I've drawn parallels from tangents and that's only halfway to an unravelling

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