A guide to writing minimal svg code on the web?

I think I have not yet found solutions for: quick UI mock ups, color grade.

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Lads where I'm from: My dick is bigger than your's

Lads from Merveilles: My css is smaller than your's

I was able to snag m1nd.online today for my (WIP) knowledge base... The excitement surrounding the purchase is a little embarrassing.

Syncing multiple machines/maintaining shared folders with a poor internet connection? As a laymen in that regard, what is my best bet to look into?

On another note, I have an embarrassing collection of these analog tools, if you'd ever like some of your audio processed through analog effects/amplifiers and don't have the means to do so, don't be shy, I'd love to experiment.

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Knobs makes really beautiful and musical showcases of devices. He's primarily focused on guitar pedals but more recently explored some digital/synthy things. Thought y'all might enjoy, if you've never run into him: youtube.com/watch?v=jVdEBFWFqW

Storing, maintaining, previewing and utilizing image, audio, and video assets in projects? Do you rely on your file system and good old fashioned organization and diligence? Is there a tool that helps you?

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