And the clock rang out the same way it always had
Before it had broken
And he'd replaced it
Every hour, on the hour

And she cried

Something a woman who made cancer
Look like a common cold seldom did

And for once in his life, he'd won.

I can't vouch for this particular course, but I am intrigued and in support of ventures of this nature.

we now enter the healing phase of my youth whereby troubles are dissipated through intention, virtue, kindness, and care.

IKEA ScrapsBook: "...a cookbook dedicated to cooking with the little things we usually throw away. Featuring 50 recipes created in collaboration with chefs across North America and waste-saving tips, all designed to help you live a little more sustainably in your kitchen."

And it's available as a free ebook!

the root of my suffering is the resignation of all things natural and true; all things that sign me being and human.

void love.
void culture.
void nutrient.
void companion.
void kindness.
void smile.
void tear.

a body for sex and consumption.
a mind for voiding others of theirs.
eyes for looking down on you.

An illusory reality forged of poison in the bloodstream, fire in the organs, blood on the teeth and death ever in mind.

I am starting a new life today, I am living.

@pixouls I won't refer you to the work specifically but I did come across this site on your site and it immediately got me wanting to start writing again. Thank you for sharing :)

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Considering utilizing yourworldoftext to log years of writing work.

Will eventually experiment with layout + doing some more concrete-style work, feeling cute might delete later.

CW these are sometimes intimate personal thoughts. Mentions of all nature of things that might not be fun, encouraging, beneficial or fruitful. Potentially harmful.

Fair more unlearning to do
Before I can learn again.

I have a strange feeling inside like it is my duty to build a library.

"I look for what needs to be done and then try to work it out; how to do it best. After all, that's how the universe designs itself."
— R. Buckminster Fuller

"Hey Buckminster, what should I do with my life?" Eric Morris

I really have to shed my sense of knowing something.

I just got a devilish idea... A web ring of web rings.............. Uh oh

Yesterday, I introduced: (~17MB, bloated portfolio of pretty pictures)

Now also exists:

A < 2MB variant of the 33rpm gallery employing scaling + dithering to build a low power alternative using much of the same source.

Plans to continue crunching kbs.

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