How to write a funny warning pop-up: Processing edition.

#Mellite v3.2.1 is out:

As the '3' suggests, it's a major update, although most changes are structural and not visible to the user: They make Mellite ready for the next Scala version (3 - Dotty), and eventually for running workspaces in the browser (Scala.js).

It's nevertheless a great release for usability, as I have been polishing the DAW features. Improved timeline tools, audio cue export, transport-catch. I'll put up a video introducing the new features soon.

"In early 2019, Ian Davis lost 4 of his digits on his left hand to a work accident. His insurance did not cover his prosthetic." So he made his own mechanical solution.

"The prosthetic Ian built has literally zero electricity need, it works with a set of elastic strings, rods, chains, nails a forearm rest, and whatnot."

We're living a #cyberpunk dystopia but, damn, engineers are amazing.

Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

The more I learn about computers the more I feel that all of the quality of life features companies have tried to implement serve more impedance than convenience.

Finished scanning the first book in my #diybookscanner. Post process done in #scantailor. This is the first step in building my #Luhmann corpus. #digitalhumanities

Also The Bitsy Essay Jam is this week! Make a nonfiction bitsy, adapt a favorite work of research or theory to a cute game format, whatever you feel!!

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