when your standard is so complex that it requires teams of hundreds or thousands of engineers to implement it properly... that is bad

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<<Yeah, well

I'm gonna build my own browser with javascript and hookers

in fact, forget the javascript>>

Wrote my first variadic function in C, added symmetry and extrude functions. Making little houses like this one is super simple.

The symmetry has an edge offset bug, but I'm trying to figure that one out, see the diagonal? not supposed to be there.

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Today I learnt about chromatic circles, it seems easy at first, but it's fucking not.

Made a simple color picker thing, implementing complementary colors now.

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Practical color theory, in fact. Color selection and treatment varies a lot based on area of application.

In film: creating mood, enhancing setting. In web: communicating function, organizing systems. In games: tapping into primal recognition.

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Quick reminder that sourcehut is 100% free and open source software, unlike GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket

Shoutout to other free software forges like @codeberg and Pagure, too

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