Fine folks of the 'verse, what utensil do you prefer to use in your sketchbook/(bullet) journal. What is your favorite paper (weight, press, finish etc) to utilize with that utensil?

If you could choose a one-size-fits-all paper, could you choose?

Boosts greatly appreciated. Thank you.

@deianeira I don't have one/a single favorite pen/pencil (especially when it comes to sketching) but among what i use... I have a bunch of "Pigma Micron" ink pens for drawing and i was surprised to find i really love writing with those, so i often use a Micron 05 when taking notes (but also any other regular/random pen i have at hand).

@deianeira In a similar surprising way, i have Muji pens that i find terrible for writing, i initially found them even worse for drawing: no adhesion. BUT... i found i actually enjoy using them for doodling on paper (best on light printer paper) for that same reason, they're useful when i want to draw/doodle mindlessly very fast, *without thinking about what i do*, while doing something else/thinking about something else, just to relax etc. What i found not great/a flaw turned out useful :p

@deianeira I use a pentel .5mm mechanical pencil with 4B lead on pretty standard lined paper

I think that part of the simplicity of paper and pencil is the efficiency of production and low cost. Buying expensive versions of inexpensive goods undermines the whole ethos to me

@deianeira No favorite paper, but I'm fond of the Pilot V-Ball 0.5 and G-Tec -C4 for drawing / writing.

First one is even waterproof, at least since the last time I used it extensively with watercolors.

pencil :: pentel orenz nero ;; uni kuru toga
notebook :: small moleskine, looking for alternatives

@deianeira i use Hobonichi Planner and Pigma Micron pens, .5mm, 2mm and 4mm

as for sketching etc. i have an enormous pile of A3 graph paper from a printer relative sitting in the attic. just realized i've been using it for like 20 years, hah

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