://link is a human+computer legible plaintext link storage+reference format

://link entries are separated by two or more new line characters

:://link entries have three components
1. url(s) seperated by one new line character
2. single-line description, terminated with a period. (optional)
3. single-line comma separated list of tags that can be used to further describe or organize links (optional)

desc & tag lines are indented using 4 spaces for legibility and to denote the end of a url list

Would love to hear any thoughts on improving this format or otherwise making it easier to interface with.

@deianeira what do you define as a link? are you protocol agnostic? would magnet links ( fit into these lists?

@deianeira if one link contains only #2 and one link contains only #3 would an interpreter only know the difference by seeing if the line ends in a period?

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