FOSS has only so much value unless it is also Simple.

@deianeira Maybe in a thousand years someone will figure out what simple means

@deianeira fun for kids = simple? I'm not sure if that holds up. I see kids toying around very complex things which are all but simple, nor even accessible. Something can invite play, without being simple.

@neauoire you're right, sometimes I try and wrap a bow around things just cause the iron's hot :)

@neauoire but I do still think young people / those with less exposure to conventional education being able to utilize and meaningfully tinker with a thing with minimal overhead is a goal of mine

@neauoire if only to say: simple for a comp scientist, simple for someone with 10 years recreational experience behind the keyboard, and just simple are different beasts.

@deianeira you might be interested in the concept of creole languages.

People who are born within this environment, who are native to this, will have much better mental mappings than those who come into this as a second language.

Your goal should be instead to make things that 80 year olds can use, that will give you a true measure of accessibility.

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