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This looks like the perfect game jam for me given my little spare time. I'm in!

Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

All things live coding

This list was created with the intention of giving a quick-glance over the many possibilities to engage in this practice.

With all the recent talk about depression that I've been reading on here (and that I've been having with myself, too), I think sharing this video might do some good. It presents some "alternatives" to antidepressants (though, from what I understood, they're better taken as complementing rather than replacing them).

It deals a bit with the concept of "tribes" in this new globalized world, which I've been meaning to meditate on for quite some time, too.

I wish to make something. How frustrating!

— Kel Batôklogem, Wrestler

This Coursera class for entry level python just started. Would be interesting to take it with other Merveillans.

Our latest video is out! In which we sail from Shimizu to Mie, and figure out self-service bike parkings in Japan..

Hello marvelous town! Thank you for the invite. Already enjoying hearing new music and seeing new sights/sites.


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