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Hi, I'm Daniel. I do many computer-related stuff (mainly frontend code). Minimalist, solarpunk advocate, plants, coffee, mech keebs, etc.

Happy to be here :)

Let's stick to Orca + Pilot/Ableton.

Started learning about Orca, ended up reading about SuperCollider. This is a deep black hole.

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"In my work with mature students, I have found that inviting them to consider collapse as inevitable, catastrophe as probable and extinction as possible, has not led to apathy or depression."

This weekend I’m shooting with a Canon A1, 50mm f/1.4, & Ilford XP2 400. Hyped to see how it goes :)

I might try just a bash script to generate static html & css (like my page) but then the pipeline with the photos compression...let's see.

Migrating my WIP photos feed to preact, just to give it a try.

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Doing a test fit of my new (smaller!) modular synthesizer case. Waiting on the power supply still, but really excited to make music again soon!

Also excited that this one will travel very easily.

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"I feel a duty to my pocket robots, not because they're alive but because my decision to adopt them affects everything that is alive."

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Just got invited to code for a week in a cabin in the wilderness. Dreams do come true.

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Finished a short book about minimalism, _Goodbye, things_ by Fumio Sasaki, and left my highlights here.

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