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Hi, I'm Daniel. I do many computer-related stuff (mainly frontend code). Minimalist, solarpunk advocate, plants, coffee, mech keebs, etc.

Happy to be here :)

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"[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'. Adopting open source solutions, like adopting a puppy, involves some time spent on care and feeding."

, found this passage yesterday while reading Trevor Owens's "the theory and craft of digital preservation" and I won't stop thinking about it for a while, probably

I know it takes time, I’ve been doing music for years now, just not the amount of time per day that is probably needed to do something good.

I enjoy the process though.

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I was doing some music then I listened to Carpenter Brut Blood Machines and I closed my computer lol

I just saw the Netflix adaptation of BLAME. It’s…not very accurate, but still good, I liked the visuals and the soundtrack

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@dfr it seems to me that he struggles a bit with default lifestyles. He has a lot of interesting ideas, and a lot of naiveté about the externalities in those ideas. He also has a lot of bad ideas and a holier-than-thou tone which rubs people the wrong way. It’s a mixed bag.

what do people here think of ?

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There’s a new (solarpunk?) movie coming, it looks amazing and the composer is Joe Hisaishi from Ghibli films!

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This 👉 "...the truth is, no matter how many young people choose to farm, no matter how many bunches of kale are made into smoothies, or canvas shopping bags are packed full of colorful carrots and lacy heads of lettuce, no matter how many hip new restaurants declare themselves farm-to-fork, none of these things address the policies that dictate how our country’s food system works, policies that have created a society in which the small farmer can’t even earn a living."

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So…steam just released a hand-held linux PC/gaming console ??


Patch 21.7a applied
- 5G connectivity
- bug fixes, protection against COVID or something like that

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Watching my federated timeline and seeing weird domain names makes me happy

I mean, like,

This is the good internet

I find it funny though that the article is mainly focused on Windows and Android (?) like, if you’re tech savy, get an un-googled android (or feature phone!) and slap a linux distro in your computer (maybe dual boot with a clean W10 if needed?)

If not (or if you value your time) maybe get apple products (2nd hand maybe?), they aren’t perfect by far (repairability…) but I think they’re a bit better in terms of privacy…controversial topic :mac:

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And then there's adds, telemetry...yeah. Pretty much what the article says.

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> Most computer users I know don’t particularly want a Microsoft Account. Microsoft wants them to have one though.

The other day I was setting up some windows accounts on public computers, and the ability to create local accounts not associated to m$oft accounts is really hidden...

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