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Hi, I'm Daniel. I do many computer-related stuff (mainly frontend code). Minimalist, solarpunk advocate, plants, coffee, mech keebs, etc.

Happy to be here :)


I added the webring to my site (, but I've been procrastinating on creating the PR to join the webring myself. Let's do that.

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I got a boosted board and my life is 99% more cyberpunk now. Since my house is solar powered, I guess I'm riding on sunbeams

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Some baby steps into the land of synths today 🌱 So far lots of funny blips and bloops

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TAPE has been updated for MacOS Catalina

big thanks to @dfr for confirming.

"Spectral formant morphing text generated wavetables"

(from reddit r/edmproduction)

I just discovered gmunk's work and WOW. This is top-notch work, really inspiring.

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@dfr I was never a Daft Punk fan but that film score is fvcking stellar

I have the feeling that Tron Legacy is both the best Daft Punk videoclip and the best niche/underdog Disney film there is. (I'm re-watching it now for the first time in years). The aesthetic is just mad.

Just a reminder: taking care of (and repairing) your electronics is a great way of making them last longer.

experimenting with wavetable synthesis and just love it, it's really nice :)

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My personal site is at it's absolute peak right now. I can only make it worse.

I think it's a great to have pressure because of this talk, I'll probably be the push I need to finally master orcλ 🙃

I'll be giving a talk in March about generative art and similar stuff. Although it's more live coding software, I was thinking about including in it, trying to showcase the beauty of code and instructions generating images and music.

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My little project Manifest (as it's now called) is now live at

A few loose ends to tie up but right now you can:

🗒️ Create as many notes as you want.
🧮 Snap and resize on a uniform grid.
🌐 All data is stored locally.

Source at

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Put together a FatesDAC Norns kit over the holiday break. Fun little box & really interesting library of sounds / sequences emanate from it

I would love to say that I'm back from my screen/content break, but I'm a bit sick so my batteries are still at 50%. Will be back soon.

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@vortok One of my bittersweet realisations after spending time on the alt-web is that social media can actually be an educational, solidarity-building, and even healthy experience, but ad-driven/engagement-driven platforms have ruined it and somehow made a version of social media that alienates people instead of connecting them. And now this version has become the monoculture so everyone thinks social media is bad.

Social media isn't bad. Social media is good. This medium has so much potential

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