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Hi, I'm Daniel. I do many computer-related stuff (mainly frontend code). Minimalist, solarpunk advocate, plants, coffee, mech keebs, etc.

Happy to be here :)

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I love Linux as a portable, low power and tinkering OS, I’ve used it on every laptop I’ve owned since 2011 with the exception of 2015 when I had a MacBook Pro, and my PC desktop boots into it by default as well.

But, I still use macOS as my primary desktop OS due to the “it just works” factor. Granted that has been less true over the past few years as Apple relentlessly rushes towards minimalism in its hardware and yearly updates begin to effect the software quality, but

i3-gaps on elementary seems to hit the jackpot. Easy configuration, yet minimal UI and navigation.

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The other day, learning about developing film, I didn’t find it harder than making coffee with an aeropress tbh

Well, messing with ElementaryOS today the installation helper killed my partitions (without actually installing shit), so there’s no going back. Let’s try Elementary (with i3 maybe?)

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Wow, this thing is a handheld console, but it also has a synthesizer and a sequencer. And it looks amazing.

"Signs you need a break:
* loosing interesting in things you’re usually passionate about and bring you joy
* short temper and easy to provoke
* taking everything personally
* constant overthinking
* emotionally overwhelmed
* always exhausted/tired

Take care friends. Take a break."


I ended up ricing my current dev machine, running macOS. But I'd like to escape the glass and aluminum prison someday.

Speaking of linux, I've been trying void linux with i3-gaps for some days now. The user experience of this thing is...hard.

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Left hand side of the ErgoDox populated! A bit tedious but nothing difficult.

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Some images from my first home-processed and scanned roll of film

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