Things that I’m working on for the rest of the year (hopefully):

- ham radio license
- joining an archery club
- motorcycle license, maybe?
- re-take C++ and/or C (I never coded “modern” C99 and such)

2021 update:
- no ham radio license (yet?)
- archery club nearby closed bc COVID :(
- decided to wait 2y (let's see) to drive a 125cc instead of spending ~$2k on getting the license
- started coding with rust recently! 🦀 I have a pet project for a desktop app and I didn't want to go the Electron route. I wonder if I should just go C++


2022 spring update:
- learning 日本語 now
- finally taking guitar lessons after ~10 years self-taught
- taking exercise seriously after fucking my knee and back up last year
- a friend gifted me a Rust backend book, soo.. 👀
- absolutely 0% free time after all of that + work

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