here’s your recurrent “I should get a boat” post

i finally got the chance to listen to alt-rock classics that I used to listen on something like this [pic], but now with good quality headphones and studio monitors, and WOW they're awfully mastered :(

No generative art for day 2 (prompt “suit”), just an excuse to pick up blender again.

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did a wobbly tunnel for generative inktober day 1

Btw I recently got the digital version of Akira Club, the Akira artbook, and it’s amazing. The images are ~1000x1500, so I applied AI upscaling to 4 of them and printed them in A3 matte paper for photos. I am very happy with the result.


A tibetan woman in Sichuan (China) with a bucket of…PSUs? for mining computers.

I found the coolest keycap set for my black M65, but it's ABS plastic 😬

NFT artists hate this simple trick

*right clicks > save image*

i didn’t expect acknowledging cyberpunk culture in Hacker files (‘92), maybe some hacker culture from the 80s but this is unexpected (but very cool)

So…steam just released a hand-held linux PC/gaming console ??


Patch 21.7a applied
- 5G connectivity
- bug fixes, protection against COVID or something like that

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