So…steam just released a hand-held linux PC/gaming console ??


Patch 21.7a applied
- 5G connectivity
- bug fixes, protection against COVID or something like that

every time I see a cool rice (picture*) I want to get outside of my comfort zone (gnome/manjaro-i3) and try stuff, then everything breaks


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imposter syndrome 

I’m reading Essentialism and I found one of the reasons I stopped coming to merveilles so often. This is an amazing community full of wonderful people, and a source of inspiration of all kinds. I consider myself lucky to be a part of it and contribute to it.


Today in this chapter of homemade bread:

One thicc loaf

Someone was selling a 3.5 LCD touchscreen for the :rpi: and I got it. It’s soo cute!

I just have a hard time sometimes finding my "&" in different keyboards and layouts :sadlinux:

so... I did a quick script to get your home's public IP address if you're out and want to access your stuff.

It can run on a RPi or even a smart fridge I guess, it's just a Telegram bot you can ask :)

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