I bit the bullet and ended up ordering one (est. Q4 this year). Repairability looks good, support is nice, there’s a good community behind it, and if it lasts as much as my old handhelds if will be amazing (with maintenance, changing batteries…)

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p2p, to me, is synonymous with digital liberation

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@jbauer hated the “FOMO is good” premise, BUT I agree it’s better to heal the root rather than remove it from your life (ie develop a healthy relationship with technology)

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@noa at the beginning it’s just kids doing kids stuff, later there’s a bigger plot for (more or less) the entire series. I liked it a lot!

why is it so hot
why do mosquitoes exist
can’t stand the summer


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My mind keeps going back to how the japanese concept of wabi-sabi can be a great base to articulate a healthier, more reasonable and sustainable relationship to our world and ourselves. (1/2)

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"Zero Cool crashed 1507 systems in one day, biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10, 1988."

You can celebrate this #ZeroCoolDay by checking out the hijinks which ensued when I introduced my wonderful spouse to 1995's "Hackers." https://modern.technology/2021/05/02/modern-technology-watches-episode-213-hackers-1995/

#HackersMovie 💾

here’s your recurrent “I should get a boat” post

I just looked it up and it’s an old Thule Stravan, it’s 22L wtf :moar:

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I think I’m falling into r/onebag and ultralight pits, but trying to reuse as much gear as possible instead of buying new.

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I’m doing a trip with everything that fits on a 30L backpack and the feeling is so good, it’s liberating.

@terceranexus6 publicarás alguna cosilla o manual? Me encantaría leer sobre este tema y replicar algo, creo que había al menos un hacklab en Zaragoza pero ya nada...

@terceranexus6 también soy fan del soul silver en cajita y la figura de matt y gabumon :blobpats:

went full circle with my notes, from notion to .md local files to craft to obsidian to notion to local files again (+obsidian)

full circle or roller coaster? :thisisfine:

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Torrenting rare content be like:

Downloading from 0 of 0 peers
229.5MB of 1.25GB (18.2%) - remaining time unknown

Mysterious peer with some amount of the data where did you go? How much data do you have? Will I ever see you again?

@joshavanier but that’s css modules, it needs classes just because of how it works. You can use global css files tho, which would be even simpler.

I do agree 100% on the size issues, the dependency tree for base projects is just stupid…

For me, a problem (re: your css issues) is the 17486 ways of doing things in React, and relying on other libraries all the time.

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