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hello all! i'm a writer + designer. i work at an agency in new york city helping design (and shape positive values) some awesome brands.

passionate about: poetry, great design, intentionality, dedication to craft, and making positive impacts on people through mentorship and friendship.

can't wait to keep up with everyone's projects and hopefully share interesting work, too.

i see about a dozen different pieces of Gemini server software—

for a beginner like myself, any suggestions on where to start, or does it matter?

#Lagrange v0.11 is a hefty update.

What's new?
- Subscribe to Gemini feeds!
- "about:feeds" shows a CAPCOM-like feed entry list.
- Scrolling preformatted blocks if too wide.
- Many UI refinements.
- Fixed downloading of large files.
- Improved stability.

first thanksgiving away from my family.

walked 16 miles —

from apt in bk, to manhattan, up to riverside park, through central park, down bowery, across williamsburg bridge, through williamsburg, back home.

listened to 3 audiobooks —

atomic habits (7/10), the wisdom of finance (8/10), and rework (8/10).

it was a great day to think, alone, and not /work/.

lots to be thankful for.

I lost a freelance gig today because I ended up explaining that my task wasn't really necessary at all, and explained another way to look at the project.

We need to think less about «what» are we making and think more about «why». If we are truly open and honest to ourselves and our craft, we can build amazing things... together.

a little sad 

unfortunately, i am not a lawmaker, and don't plan on becoming one.

but all this is reminding me of what matters to me:

to be creative, always.

listen to and broadcast meaningful language, not more doom-scroll fodder.

be conscious of my existence and how it impacts the people around me.

be thankful for the wonderful people i have in the metaphorical cabin of my metaphorical semi-truck here in this very real metropolis and industrialized nation.

just a few thoughts.

with love.

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a little sad 

of course, the horror of [the usa's] trucking industry is just one facet of many.

it's a bit overwhelming.

i interviewed with a design company today which, like many, does tons of packaging for CPG companies. even in design, i serve this larger, messed-up-in-many-ways ecosystem.


all that said...

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a little sad 

the anecdotes of sexual assault, drug abuse, etc in the world of truckers is sad, sad, sad. the companies often recruit from homeless shelters, and before you know it...another indentured servant behind the wheel.

112% turnover in a year in some cases.

it's insane.

and those truck drivers bring me every bit of food and merchandise i use to live every day. (i'm in new york city.)

i am inherent in this system, in one way or another.

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a little sad 

i'm a bit saddened.

reading The Secret Life of Groceries. incredible read. highly recommend.

i've just finished reading the section about the trucking industry and how it powers our supply chain. the companies indebt their drivers, force them to pay leases they can't afford, make them pay for trainings, don't let them work for anyone else, and then have the audacity to say:

"those aren't our employees. just contractors."

it's 2020 and we're still waiting for websites to load. it's not dial-up anymore; now, it's software development bloat

'i hope the screens don't make you forget the sun, the fire, and other stars...'

has anyone published a book / large volume of writing on the internet recently?

i'm looking for the best way to publish a collection of poetry in a self-contained site / page.

unsure of where to start, but i do know:

- i want to customize it
- i want to be able to edit it in plain text, not html
- i don't want to send people pdfs, i want it on a website.

any leads?

i'd forgotten about mastodon for a couple weeks and i cannot begin to explain how peaceful it is here in Merveilles compared to the rest of the internet.

need to spend more time around these parts.

what was the first notable project you remember programming? 

"notable" is subjective, but my example: the script i wrote during my first internship to help me process a bunch of spreadsheets.

saved me months of data entry. i'm no programmer, but writing that little script made me feel like a god.

what was that first project for you?

calm little podcast where people talk about making their personal sites

@gueorgui I’m absolutely infatuated with gaff-rigged cutters (and dream of one day finding something from their very small revival in the 1960–70s).

really want to learn more about interface design + get more UI/UX (what's the distinction?) in my portfolio.

traditional graphic design feels so empty.

here are three screens i mocked up this evening of a macOS mastodon client.

dijo, a terminal based habit tracker

The author says its design was directly inspired by

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