A new term for your vocabulary

Zuccware (noun, countable)

1. A #software designed by a company owned - directly or not - by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of #Facebook).

2. (fig.) Any non- #opensource software which monetizes users' private information or is used to harvest data for control purposes.

@gueorgui same here.

costly, but:

would i rather be working with google?


Semipalatinsk, soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan. Photo: Alain Nogues

five-penny poems 

substack is all the rage.

blog + newsletter + payment processor + community building...

but i just don't like lock-in.


spent all weekend creating a $1/month subscription on my site.

super simple: used stripe for a checkout page. it'll be a tiny list of friends + family. sending nightly plaintext emails on bcc.

very happy with result—it's so simple. (challenging for me to build. i'm just a designer...)

now to keep writing joyful poems for my three subscribers!

@varranvar this looks sick.

i learned about Roam Research the other day, but heard there are some pretty significant security issues.

and...the interface wasn't pretty.

i'll have to give obsidian a shot.

@0xxg4 hah!

i'm also a high school dropout, ~2yrs ago.

had a dream recently where i was back in school.

total mental breakdown. woke up. went to work. happy day.

so now, my setup looks like: 

blot.im — for my writing. it turns a dropbox folder into a blog. pages + posts written in markdown. easy to customize.

now.diegosegura.me — redirects to a notion page, which has my notebook, to do lists, etc. publicly available.

and that's it!

and for my poetry newsletter: super humble. i'll start with just friends and coworkers on bcc: no mailchimp. no tinyletter.

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in the past week, I've tried so many services for my website: 

super.so — enables custom domain on a Notion, works well, loads a little slow)

substack — great newsletter + payment integration. poorly designed sites, imo. and no customization.

revue — great for a newsletter. lacking in customization. a little simplistic.)

ghost — self-hosted on digitalocean for $5/mo. powerful, but too complicated to customize. would love if using ghost to run a company blog.

but here's what i've decided on...

hello all! i'm a writer + designer. i work at an agency in new york city helping design (and shape positive values) some awesome brands.

passionate about: poetry, great design, intentionality, dedication to craft, and making positive impacts on people through mentorship and friendship.

can't wait to keep up with everyone's projects and hopefully share interesting work, too.

@hxii been feeling the same thing.

young designer at a great company, but nobody cares whether or not i reach my goals, and nobody will help me get there.

it's a lonely road, and i went on a similar rant the other day, but i rest with my books and my text editors and my graphics and keep on going. that's what got me the job in the first place.


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