Greetings! My name is Daniel - I’m a mostly self-taught software engineer based in the US. I write code primarily in Go, C, or C++ and use Plan 9, OpenBSD, or Linux depending on the day. You can see what I’m working on at

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@dnjp hi daniel, welcome to merveilles :)

btw, I don't think mastodon formats links without protocol(http,/gemini/gopher/etc).

@neauoire thanks!

That’s strange - I’m pretty new to mastodon, but I specified https so I’d assume that it would work. Does the link work properly for you?

@dnjp the link on your profile does, but the link in your introducion tweet doesn't.

@dnjp ^ that one worked, not sure why it didn't pick up the first one 🤷

@neauoire haha isn’t technology great? Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome!

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