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hello, i'm phoebe. i live in nyc. i dont love computers but i do love talking to friends and strangers on the internet so it is an uneasy truce.

what i wrote in my bio is "i am a weird tech loser and artist. i enjoy contrarian ways of thinking about computers. i like plan 9, apl/k, forth, minimalism in technology, and maximalism in art" which is also true.

i put some of my art and writing on which is my website.

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@dogstar @neauoire Electron and general desktop software being developed in JavaScript are accelerating obsolescence everywhere

me at the rave the nanosecond it is safe to do so again

the computer that i tend to consider my "work computer" because slack/discord/whatever can run on it is now having massive planned-obsolescence feeling issues. 30 seconds of hang to wait for slack to autoconvert a :) into an emoji

as a result i am only ever running one program at a time (and max of maybe 3 tabs if that program is firefox) and it's been kind of soothing and meditative.

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@vu3rdd i really love wolves, and my friend was telling me a story about hiking through india with his friend, and being followed by a pair of wild dogs that were curious and hung around their campsite enjoying their company

ended up looking at indian wolves to see if they might be what they were followed by - not sure, as they seem rare, but they are quite lovely animals :)

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Recommended Writing — Real Life Predictive text apps aim to bring our text in line with an algorithmic norm. They define “good” writing as efficient writing.

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mutual aid activities:

* kiss your friends
* grow a garden with your crush
* make someone a tasty meal
* give a hug
* receive a hug
* buy that cute anarchist you know a drink
* brew beer with friends
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haven't entirely grasped the calendar system, but i am having fun drawing the vague year in ascii with activity heatmaps


i was absolutely blissing out at this in a junk shop and a cute boy came up and was like “god isn’t this beautiful? i’ve tried to find the power chord in here for days. do you like old computers? add me on instagram i’ve got a ton“ so today has been a good day

Plan 9 from Bell Labs is like the Quakers: distinguished by its stress on the 'Inner Light,' noted for simplicity of life, in particular for plainness of speech. Like the Quakers, Plan 9 does not proselytize.

—Sape J. Mullender, Pierre G. Jansen.
Real Time in a Real Operating System

cw food 

they're good

just perfectly serviceable little nuggets with a bit of spice. always nice to have a texture that isn't just the default mae wah or vital wheat gluten nuggets

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cw food 

this is the most acutely upsetting packaging i have ever seen so i will review these for you

rewatching haruhi suzumiya with my gf, i haven’t seen it in 15 years and she never has. especially in original broadcast order i did not appreciate how subservient and brilliant this show was. beginning with giving you the entire plot in a way that makes you doubt any of it and then outlining the rules of the universe in the throwaway fan service baseball episode *chefs kiss*

recalling the most adhd thing i’ve ever done:

when taking some psych exam to diagnose me with adhd i had to do some attention exercise that made me press a button in response to a signal for like 5min. i found this so unbelievably boring that my body got racked with akathsia-style pain and i opened up the source trying to find a way to skip it, ended up messing everything up and getting a 0

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"[#InclusiveDesign-ers] call for "one size fits one" solutions over "one size fits all" [but] acknowledge that "segregated solutions" are technically and economically unsustainable. They argue that, at least in the digital domain, adaptive design that enables personalization and flexible configuration of shared core objects, tools, platforms, and systems provides a path out of the tension between the diverse needs of individual users and the economic advantages of the large-scale user base."

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"He thus firmly subscribes to the individual/medical model of disability that locates #disability in 'defective' bodies and as a problem' to be solved, rather than the social/relational model (that recognizes how society actively disables people with physical or psychological differencces, functional limitations, or impairments through unnecessary exclusion, rather than taking action to meet their access needs)..."

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