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hello, i'm phoebe. i live in nyc. i dont love computers but i do love talking to friends and strangers on the internet so it is an uneasy truce.

what i wrote in my bio is "i am a weird tech loser and artist. i enjoy contrarian ways of thinking about computers. i like plan 9, apl/k, forth, minimalism in technology, and maximalism in art" which is also true.

i put some of my art and writing on which is my website.

i think particularly @neauoire @exquisitecorp might find this compelling. not hard to find a pdf, gonna dig into it when i finish current reading

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somehow i got down a rabbit hole where ive been researching the spider divination rituals of western cameroon. they rule. semi-related to this is a pack of oracle cards an artist made inspired by these spider divination practices, which also really rule:

is there a term for "sybil resistance" that doesn't carry the same ableist baggage but also conveys the idea? i see "pseudospoofing" but i've never heard the term before and it's not very self-evident what it means

@SuricrasiaOnline tagging you because all of the slide decks that are training materials after the cia apparently got some positive results from remote viewing experiments, excitedly talking about weaponizing parapsychology, they just feel extremely like your unfiction style

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playing the game where i try to find weird cool stuff on and today i won. heres a cool document that's p much an scp, when the cia was apparently trying to explore mars with psychokinesis

imagining some sort of web challenge game "lettrist art or sprite sheet" etc

at any rate i feel like it's pretty simple, eg: 2 wheels segway style, solenoid thing for actuating the pen, some solid thing to hold these parts together, maybe 3rd spinny wheel for balance, some way of communicating instructions... hm

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i feel like the most important caveat to this is that i don't believe i have access to a 3d printer

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making a logo "turtle" seems pretty cheap and feasible even for me who has 0 robotics experience - has anyone else done something like this? i am contemplating this for Art purposes so something extremely janky is fine and in some ways preferred

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@dogstar this answer from Andrei Tarkovsky made me instantly think of you for some reason.

i do think its quite funny that when i am trying to find research papers on tech concepts, the main SEO-optimized site that will paywall me is literally called "researchgate"

rummaging through hoping interesting things will find me, found the massive back archives of some forth magazine i didn't know existed:

considering that people on here are often looking for forth examples (@neauoire, @eris) i bet there is likely a lot of salvageable resources in here

i feel like this is a dumb question but: how do routers work? how does a message to a remote server end up getting sent to a device behind a router? im guessing it is some IP field but i am not sure what

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And I stood and was silent.
And he was silent.
And I stood, silent.
And he was silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
Yes, yes, we’re both standing and silent!
kharms, 1937

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"Is there anything on earth which would have meaning
and would even change the course of events not only on
earth, but in other worlds?” I asked my teacher.
“There is,” my teacher answered me.
“Well, what is it?” I asked.
“It’s...” began my teacher and suddenly fell silent.
I stood and waited intently for his answer. But he was

what are some virtual machines or computational substrates that you find particularly compelling or at least quite unique?

thinking about:
- warren abstract machine
- dis
- fractran
- nock, other combinator machines
- movable feast machine

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