how was everything even tangentially related to oberon the most beautiful thing ive ever seen (these are the ceres and lilith workstations, thanks eris!!)

@dogstar Lilith looks pretty standard, that first pic tho.....

Also I need to find if there are any pics of the Soviet Lilith derivative in operation

@allison i cant believe they made lilith from evangelion a real thing

@allison it doesnt look that weird but that screen aspect ratio does bliss me out

@dogstar It's a common ratio for a lot of early graphical workstations, PERQ and Alto had the same deal (along with the Radius portrait monitors on Macintosh, but those were more meant for publishing work)
@wiecek @dogstar Case design kind of reminds me of my alphaserver, couldn't put a finger on why

@allison @wiecek yoo alli 👀 gimme an openvms shell account on that bad boy

@dogstar @xj9 I’ve got one of the red Depraz mice converted to USB, and I’d pay $100 easy for one of those with an optical sensor. Perfect.

@a @xj9 where did you get it, or was it a diy project?

@dogstar @xj9 When I worked at Bell Labs, some folks in research had a bunch converted, and put out the word that if you wanted one of yours done you could just drop it off. I don’t remember where I got the mouse initially; I think salvage off at discard pile.

@a @xj9 ah beautiful, that's up there with the APL selectric golfball with tech relics i'd love to have ;)

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