i wrote a bunch of c for some personal wiki software that integrated with acme, took a break and in the break realized this whole thing could be far simpler (a single plumber entry) and far better (integrating with the entire system).

i feel like i am not used to operating systems being this nice and am frustrated that we seem bound to horrible messes


while i totally understand where they are coming from and don't blame them at all, it makes me sad when people need chrome/firefox to be working on an os to consider it usable.

(i am sad that horribly bloated, messy browsers are so hooked into what we need to do, not that people think that they need it - they often legitimately do)

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@dogstar i hope that some of the ideas in tracker can prove more generally useful for tackling this problem. not everything has an API, but a lot of things do and it may be possible to build alternative interfaces that can hook into nice clients that make it easy to compose workflows and such.

i don't know if it can, but i have some hope that something like inferno can serve as an alternative to the shitty web browser platform we're used to.

@xj9 some things feel solvable and some dont

solvable: an abstraction can be laid over categories of software with vaguely-similar APIs, and nice uniform interfaces can operate over the entire category

unsolvable: ubiquitous mandatory corporate shitware

@xj9 lol this conversation reminded me of when some tech personality told me that plan 9 was "a failed attempt to invent the browser"

i wonder if hes on fedi

@dogstar kek a browser is a failed attempt to invent the browser

@xj9 it was the sort of opinion that even my own neurotic hyper-analytical brain didnt even bother trying to process

i try to give people the benefit in any conversation because i value hearing dissenting opinions always but then someone slaps something like that on the conversation and i feel like im being taken advantage of

@dogstar yeah.......

can't be helped i suppose. i guess a cheapest possible chromebook is in order for the unsolvable parts.

@dogstar i'm arriving at the conclusion i only need them for work, and that as they also imply google stuff, i will only use them in an environment booted from a usb stick (i'm under the impression i can't have effective virtual machines in this computer)

as otherwise i mainly "play" with text, i'd like to try plan9 because of all these marvels some of you all talk about :)

@chirrolafupa i don't think it needs to be text-only! just, text is certainly the area with the most work already done ;)

always happy to talk about it if you are getting started. i am still pretty new but feel like i've managed to learn a lot

@dogstar thank you! :)
i'm a little bit troubled by the conversations of the other day about 9front, but haven't done more research about what are the options.

i think i'll give it some minutes a day while i figure out "life" at the same time :)

@chirrolafupa i am down to talk about that more if you want. i stopped in the other thread because the conversation felt unproductive.

(for what its worth: i feel like the comeback that no other OS im aware of has 'black lives matter' and 'nazi punks fuck off' right on the homepage is a good one)

@dogstar fair enough!
lately i've been struggling finding "which os + developers have the values i identify the most with"; balancing that with the need for a relatively stable workstation, and also with wanting to spend less time in front of screens (and even less in "configuring time", no matter how fun/addictive that is)

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