i miss reading philosophy, but rn flipping through the shelves of this used bookstore everything looks horribly tedious

do people have things they liked? where i ended up i was about to read more laruelle but felt too burned out. i like spiritualism and pure immanence. who is the spinoza but better thought out for the modern age (i am aware of deleuze obv)

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“the telephone book” is on the shelves here but anything that has “schizophrenia” in the secondary title i parse as being deliberately hard to read and narrow-scoped (ironically maybe)

@dogstar Ronell is really neat. If you want to get a feel for her angle, Finitude's Score is fun. Continental folks kind of appropriated the term. For better or worse, it gets thrown around as a sort of state/form of ontological/libidinal alienation. I reckon it's similar to what was culturally occurring in publishing of the 90s where you were more likely to get published/assigned if your title contained "information superhighway".

@inscript i really love media theory so it appeals to me a lot, but yeah deleuzians have this aesthetic opacity that i can't quite convince myself it is worth the time investment to decode. if you think finitude's score is more approachable for a bitter, jaded dilettante then i might look at it

@inscript if it indicates where i'm at - i /really/ don't like donna haraway, putting me forever at odds with anyone who has a lain avatar probably

@inscript (doing my best to not be cranky or frustrated with things, i promise)

@dogstar All good. tone detection: neutral. Stuff that approaches Ronell but is maybe more "telephone" than "book": Gitelman is well worth checking out. Also, Kittler and Crary for more traditional takes on media theory. If you wanna go old school, Benjamin is incredible. Something more readable/modern would be Fisher.

@dogstar Re the aesthetic opacity of Deleuzians: yeah, I'm right there with you. Hard to tolerate if done poorly.

@dogstar I like reading philosophy but I know nothing about it. It sounds like you know things about it. I need to get conversational about philosophy

@flip i know like... a dusting of philosophy

i read a bunch of it this summer while adjusting to quarantine. so i have enough to vaguely talk about it and start/contribute to arguments about it. a lot of it is quite frustrating to me, honestly, but i found it constructive how i disagreed with almost everyone i read.

deleuze i think was vaguely on the right track but i have really no desire to read more of him or his worshippers

@dogstar see I don't even know who that is. I just know like... Montaigne? Nietzsche? Epictetus?

@flip i can give the basic jist of him (or other people/concepts i mention) it you like

@dogstar I'd enjoy that! Especially if you want to share what it means to you

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