i miss reading philosophy, but rn flipping through the shelves of this used bookstore everything looks horribly tedious

do people have things they liked? where i ended up i was about to read more laruelle but felt too burned out. i like spiritualism and pure immanence. who is the spinoza but better thought out for the modern age (i am aware of deleuze obv)


“the telephone book” is on the shelves here but anything that has “schizophrenia” in the secondary title i parse as being deliberately hard to read and narrow-scoped (ironically maybe)

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@dogstar Ronell is really neat. If you want to get a feel for her angle, Finitude's Score is fun. Continental folks kind of appropriated the term. For better or worse, it gets thrown around as a sort of state/form of ontological/libidinal alienation. I reckon it's similar to what was culturally occurring in publishing of the 90s where you were more likely to get published/assigned if your title contained "information superhighway".

@inscript i really love media theory so it appeals to me a lot, but yeah deleuzians have this aesthetic opacity that i can't quite convince myself it is worth the time investment to decode. if you think finitude's score is more approachable for a bitter, jaded dilettante then i might look at it

@inscript if it indicates where i'm at - i /really/ don't like donna haraway, putting me forever at odds with anyone who has a lain avatar probably

@inscript (doing my best to not be cranky or frustrated with things, i promise)

@dogstar All good. tone detection: neutral. Stuff that approaches Ronell but is maybe more "telephone" than "book": Gitelman is well worth checking out. Also, Kittler and Crary for more traditional takes on media theory. If you wanna go old school, Benjamin is incredible. Something more readable/modern would be Fisher.

@dogstar Re the aesthetic opacity of Deleuzians: yeah, I'm right there with you. Hard to tolerate if done poorly.

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