a side effect i was not expecting of using 9 every day was that i went from being an "i want to do everything with the keyboard 100%" person to an "im annoyed when i dont have a 3-button mouse, even on other oses" person

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@dogstar > so ur a hacker? I bet you do everything on keyboard

fuck no I use a three button mouse
@dogstar my sister was disappointed when she learned I was a vim user lol

not any more, i've just lost it now sis

@xj9 i still feel really hung up on because i am so worried that im becoming too detached from any sort of normalizing culture that i'm just going to become a lefty version of him

@dogstar the danger of wilding I suppose. what binds us to convergent paths?

@xj9 i think it is my genuine love of people and interacting with them

so my worry is that i reach some point where the thing people take away from me is "oh jeez that person is mentally ill in a way that makes me uncomfortable" drowning out everything else

@dogstar so we're hearing the same song huh? :ac_joy:

I wish people would not be like that :ac_disagreement:

@xj9 <3

yeah, maybe this is just a side effect of my chronic brutal anxiety, and that anxiety mutating into social anxiety as it spreads

@dogstar me but with using oberon once every so often

@eris i still really want to mess with it more... hoping for more mental space to explore it in the future

@dogstar For me, having to deal with subpar keyboard is passable, but being forced to use a bad mouse is a nightmare. That's why I don't like rio: it's good with good 3-b mouse, but it refuses to offer an alternative when I‌ need it.

@mcz i think about this quite a lot. does using modifier keys with mouse clicks feel like a valid alternative? because that is usually present, but i would like to think of alternative ways to use these things, or at least, add some flexibility for people to experiment themselves

@dogstar Modifier keys help when the mouse is a regular 2-button mouse, but not when I need to draw a rectangle with some crappy laptop touchpad. Or when I need to select something in a menu that disappears when I let go of the mouse button

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