at the end of the day a huge reason i am leaning into 9front so hard is because i am not very smart but i am very exhausted so i just want things to be simple and easy. id rather debug a simple kernel or write a driver than try to learn how systemd works because my brain finds that infinitely more tractable and interesting

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@wzqtparor yeah i mean that is basically what im doing but to the nth degree

@wzqtparor "fuck lennart" but so intensely that i stop using unix

@dogstar That is exactly the reason I want to be using it too. Despite leaning heavily into the static/strong typing world, I also have started liking Go and some of their design decisions, especially around packaging, cross compilation and static linking.. which has its roots in Plan 9. I am just tired and getting too old to deal with the complexities that software throws at me.

@dogstar what do you mean massive complexity breaks more often and is harder to fix and understand

@dogstar i thought making things more complex would make them easier to understand!!

@eris you just make a rube goldberg machine to control the smaller rube goldberg machine and so on and so forth


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