succumbing to riotous demand, i threw up a 'wiki' or more accurately personal garbage heap nightmare site

i wrote a static site generator for this which is just a makefile an a script for ssam

everything on there rn is just some junk i made to make sure it was above a certain threshold of broken and i never really intended people to look at it but you can now if you want some incomplete things

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im going to go celebrate accomplishing something by taking a nap

@xj9 i dont know which part you mean but maybe you mean all of it

@dogstar Very cool. Did you draw those graphic yourself? They are very very nice too!

@vu3rdd i wish! i just took them from some manga. the 9front one i believe arwn from 9fans made.

@dogstar The rc page has some spurious links that lead to 404, that you might want to fix. Something to do with io redirects < and > that is mistakenly parsed perhaps..

@vu3rdd yeah, i need to fix that! thanks for pointing it out - i think it's because my notation for internal links is just [brackets]. should be easy to fix though.

the site in general is just random unpolished notes i made to test the system, will work on cleaning it up and making it worth looking at a bit :)

@dogstar Cool! I did something similar for mine, but using Pandoc instead. Probably not the best solution, but I like the simplicity and low friction to update notes easily.
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