this is what you want your computer to do when you turn it on

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@dogstar very informative- you can clearly see that it doesn't work anymore

@penny i appreciate this being conveyed to me in no uncertain terms

@AgreeableLandscape nope not even i think the cable connecting the drive is dying

@dogstar Doesn't that result in the folder icon with the question mark on Mac? Meaning "boot directory not found?" I thought the "no" icon means corrupted system.

@AgreeableLandscape usually yeah. sometimes it gives me the folder instead. whatever is happening it’s bad i can tell you that

@AgreeableLandscape yeah i do! this seems to happen to me a lot. just obnoxious and also the big NO is funny to me

@dogstar "No overpriced, locked down, unrepairable computing for you!"

@dogstar the experienced user will know whats wrong

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