haven't been posting much due to being in my own little world, but for the people that like sharing mixes this one is giving me the energy to work today:

especially the track that starts at 47:00 ꩜_꩜

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@dogstar Wow, haven't thought about Millie & Andrea in a while. Saw Andy and Demdike play a show in a cemetery church as we sat in the pews. Surreal memory. Thanks for posting.

@inscript oh wow, beautiful!

one time around here i got to see windy & carl play at a church with someone i was dating at the time. everyone was in the pews on the first floor, for some reason nobody bothered to go on the second floor. so we went up there and just sprawled on the pews listening to windy & carl. i remember taking my shirt off for some reason.

joyful times

@xj9 its so good its really giving me the boost i need

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