i've reached the threshold where setting up a simple, nicely-organized http file library/directory and git server is much easier for me to conceive of in 9 than openbsd

how do you all get along without bind, listen(1)/tcp80, git9...

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@dogstar mostly by poorly emulating things i read about on cat-v and

@xj9 at this point it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say i'd be actively terrified to run any sort of linux server lol

@raccoon is that not freebsd

i should give netbsd a shot at some point, though, just less motivated now that im in weirder pastures

@dogstar we're really bad and the entire design of the kernel is galaxy brain, but we're really bad in a way where the most obnoxious egos are crushed under the iron fist of compromise and forced to fork
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