having trouble building 64bit inferno even on 9 so fork time i guess

nothing new yet

vague plans
- 64bit 9 fix? or document if im just dense
- osx 64bit + x11 win.c instead of outdated quicktime.h
- retheme everything
- mess around with octopus integraton

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@0xbiel ive listened to fires in heaven on a loop for like a month

@0xbiel the video for starfall makes me for real very emotional lol

@0xbiel hey they are cute, soft boys driving through storms and loving each other

@dogstar ohh i love salem they're my favorite!!! i am the biggest fan of them, i love Fires In Heaven and their early works are sooooo gooodd!!!! i'm glad to see that more ppl enjoy S4LEM here :)

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