what are some virtual machines or computational substrates that you find particularly compelling or at least quite unique?

thinking about:
- warren abstract machine
- dis
- fractran
- nock, other combinator machines
- movable feast machine

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@dogstar i think you know my answer to this question but i need to be asleep hours ago

@syntacticsugarglider yes i do and i am trying to figure out how to even start to approach the stuff you talk about

for now i am starting a page like this: to try and keep track of the mountains of information both you and give me that i want to investigate but don't know /how/ to yet lol

if you have things that are bite-sized concepts i can go and explore i would be interested

@syntacticsugarglider im gonna read "term-rewriting and all that" once i finish the other computer-shit thing im currently reading. i dont think its an exact overlap but its an area im curious about and we will if that is digestable to me, i think it should hopefully end up with some overlap with what you talk about

@dogstar LISPs, though not as exotic as others in here, are still cool we me.

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