making a logo "turtle" seems pretty cheap and feasible even for me who has 0 robotics experience - has anyone else done something like this? i am contemplating this for Art purposes so something extremely janky is fine and in some ways preferred


i feel like the most important caveat to this is that i don't believe i have access to a 3d printer

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at any rate i feel like it's pretty simple, eg: 2 wheels segway style, solenoid thing for actuating the pen, some solid thing to hold these parts together, maybe 3rd spinny wheel for balance, some way of communicating instructions... hm

@dogstar carboard is (y)our friend!

not a robotics expert, but "stepper motors" for each of the 2 wheels would give you more precision, whereas "dc motors" would be more "chaotic" (if you don't control them too much)

using an arduino would be probably the easiest tool to integrate all those components.

some time ago there were bluetooth adapters and such, but i think there are now many models with bluetooh in-board (thinking about the way of communicating instructions, the wireless way™)

@chirrolafupa oooh cardboard is an ideal material true! thank you for helping me understand stepper vs dc :)

@dogstar no problem! i'd be happy to guide you into those realms if you need/want!

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