i think particularly @neauoire @exquisitecorp might find this compelling. not hard to find a pdf, gonna dig into it when i finish current reading

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@dogstar @exquisitecorp

Nancy is impossible for me to understand in French, but this translation I found by Peter Conor looks dreadful.

"I do not need to speak here about the circumstances surrounding the composition of this text: these are in fact explained within the text itself, where one can see how these circumstances, this community of circumstances, form the symptom of a unique convergence that must rightly be called political rather than merely anecdotal. "


@neauoire @exquisitecorp woooof that's turgid. reading philosophy has helped me build up a tolerance to extremely terrible prose at least, so reading that excerpt at least mostly made me come away thinking "that's an interesting way of looking at left/right distinction"

@dogstar @neauoire Oh yeah, the concepts explained in the summary at that first link look really interesting, but I too have trouble reading text this thick.

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