imagining some sort of web challenge game "lettrist art or sprite sheet" etc

haha oops

actually its pretty worrying that this is possible

i need to put the effort into gaining the background needing to read girard - i find his emphasis on trying to approach an immanence with logic to be admirable, but also i just really like any sort of paper where it feels like the author is screaming at you about dubiously-related things the entire time

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slowly getting somewhere

hangs here though, time to read some kernel source to try and diagnose

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the emergency button is a bit of an anticlimax and i dont entirely understand why it needs to be configured in bios

the blackout mode is sick though if i was doing rogue torrenting and needed to become true stealth i have a button that just instantly shuts off all the light-producing parts of the computer

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i found this painting on the sidewalk being thrown out when walking to my studio and i liked it so i brought it in and put it up

i also like that it pretty much has my hair and body type so i was wondering if people would think it was me

someone else who shares the studio also saw it and liked it and is copying it, so now i have two doppelgangers sharing my space

also someone jokingly suggested i theme mothra so i did + made the fonts smaller while procrastinating another project

this is what you want your computer to do when you turn it on

here is me being some manner of gadfly in some sort of discourse

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for people that keep track of these things, my fursona is def a scragglier coastal wolf

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