i figure this is what my non-tech friends think i’m doing whenever there is a terminal on my screen

(“you bright and risen angels” by william t vollmann)

me at the rave the nanosecond it is safe to do so again

i was absolutely blissing out at this in a junk shop and a cute boy came up and was like “god isn’t this beautiful? i’ve tried to find the power chord in here for days. do you like old computers? add me on instagram i’ve got a ton“ so today has been a good day

cw food 

this is the most acutely upsetting packaging i have ever seen so i will review these for you

whenever i read a book from the 60s/70s that says this (often) i just want to be like “oh honey” but it also makes me try to recontextialize the present, ending up at a loss

revisiting i-be area. this is how i feel whenever something inane on social media affects me

more communication from god via sidewalk. alchemical manual + other days ibn arabi find makes me think i should read in a more mystical direction i guess

cw food 

i am going to pick up food because i feel delirious and i am just losing it at this dish


someone sent me a thing to pick my favorite pokemon, and i have not played pokemon in a long time but i ended up here

i think all of these ones are v cute

oh i think i figured out why the background color was not drawing right

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who needs an undo button or zoom or layers or panning or multiple colors or

me when i am browsing people's archive.org favorites and discover someone has unique and fascinating favorites

the maned wolf: the actual incarnation of the vegetable lamb of tartary??? you decide!!

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where most wolves are obligate carnivores, the maned wolf is an omnivore and tends to eat a large amount of fruit. there is one kind of fruit they particularly favor, solanum lycocarpum or "wolf's apple", which ends up forming over 50% of the wolfs diet

it's also called that because basically nothing else likes to eat this apple, so the maned wolves feel like the reason it sticks around

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