@xj9 mostly pretty good i cant complain rn

how are you

@toast working with everything but gnu make is noble

idk i just like confrontation and my software making people work for it

today in me impulsively buying powerful domains

i noticed that there's a .gay so now i have maw.gay


“you bright and risen angels”

only a few pages in and everything in it is searing my brain with a beam of intense light

re: [Free Operating System] is the [class] of D&D 

@xj9 @vidak @toast

i never thought of inferno vs templeos as opposite poles of a divinity axis

re: [Free Operating System] is the [class] of D&D 

@toast @vidak @xj9 or templeos ;)

re: [Free Operating System] is the [class] of D&D 

@xj9 @vidak ill settle for being a gnoll ranger

re: [Free Operating System] is the [class] of D&D 

@vidak @xj9 kinda feels like "rogue" to me, more of a rogue than 9front :p

but not familiar enough with d&d classes

@khm it's something i would say to be really humble - like trying to convey that what i do is of no value

there definitely seems to be a sort of pretension or arrogance to the term though, like gentrified "diy" (or maybe it's the other way around, idk)

@malnormalulo i feel like this book would intrigue you, only just starting it now

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i’m so amped to read this because it looks like the perfect book for me, that is, “giles goat-boy” but written by someone much much closer to me politically

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i figure this is what my non-tech friends think i’m doing whenever there is a terminal on my screen

(“you bright and risen angels” by william t vollmann)


@royo @hecanjog i'll hop back on 9gridchan more often now that wifi seems to work in the studio

i honestly love cat-v, theyre helpful and funny


@hecanjog there is # and the related family, which would be considered the friendly channels

there is also -v which has a reputation for being mean but i enjoy it a lot


@hecanjog oh, and .town is pretty slow but cute


@hecanjog i should join merveilles and difficultlisteningclub, that sounds fun

aside from that it is ones for friend groups and plan9/9front

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