rummaging through hoping interesting things will find me, found the massive back archives of some forth magazine i didn't know existed:

considering that people on here are often looking for forth examples (@neauoire, @eris) i bet there is likely a lot of salvageable resources in here


@haskal thank you! i appreciate the context, i was meaning outside of the lan but it is interesting to hear the internal case too

@natalie right, i mean the thing that people tend to have in an apartment

huh this looks hackier than i expected

i feel like this is a dumb question but: how do routers work? how does a message to a remote server end up getting sent to a device behind a router? im guessing it is some IP field but i am not sure what

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And I stood and was silent.
And he was silent.
And I stood, silent.
And he was silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
Yes, yes, we’re both standing and silent!
kharms, 1937

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"Is there anything on earth which would have meaning
and would even change the course of events not only on
earth, but in other worlds?” I asked my teacher.
“There is,” my teacher answered me.
“Well, what is it?” I asked.
“It’s...” began my teacher and suddenly fell silent.
I stood and waited intently for his answer. But he was

@neauoire imagine that every part of my website, as t approaches infinity, is trending towards being something coherent and valuable

@syntacticsugarglider @allison im gonna read "term-rewriting and all that" once i finish the other computer-shit thing im currently reading. i dont think its an exact overlap but its an area im curious about and we will if that is digestable to me, i think it should hopefully end up with some overlap with what you talk about

@syntacticsugarglider yes i do and i am trying to figure out how to even start to approach the stuff you talk about

for now i am starting a page like this: to try and keep track of the mountains of information both you and @allison give me that i want to investigate but don't know /how/ to yet lol

if you have things that are bite-sized concepts i can go and explore i would be interested

@neauoire @syntacticsugarglider @natecull @xj9 @flaneur @akkartik

yeah i am unfortunately the same here as i am trying to read through this

we talk about this a lot and i can understand points in isolation but i am struggling to make any of this actually cohere

do you have a recommendation for maybe a hands-on exercise for me exploring any of these concepts? i need something concrete so i can make these terms gel

what are some virtual machines or computational substrates that you find particularly compelling or at least quite unique?

thinking about:
- warren abstract machine
- dis
- fractran
- nock, other combinator machines
- movable feast machine

@julienxx @xj9 i'm not entirely sure, i cant really tell from a quick look at /bin/service... but good catch

i think whatever 64bit work was done was some mild shit for riscv?

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@xj9 it will use one port for auth one port for rcpu

auth: tcp567
rcpu: tcp17019

i believe

@0xbiel hey they are cute, soft boys driving through storms and loving each other

im not entirely convinced that inferno-64 is 64bit

it looks like a liminal state that i showed to my RE pal who says its like a fever dream

seeing rax etc in files named comp-386.c is setting off my "ok whats really going on here" sense

@0xbiel the video for starfall makes me for real very emotional lol

@0xbiel ive listened to fires in heaven on a loop for like a month

@TransGal4872 @a_breakin_glass

there has been work in this direction, but it's closer to the world of joy and tacit languages like fp and fl

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