@neauoire @exquisitecorp woooof that's turgid. reading philosophy has helped me build up a tolerance to extremely terrible prose at least, so reading that excerpt at least mostly made me come away thinking "that's an interesting way of looking at left/right distinction"

i think particularly @neauoire @exquisitecorp might find this compelling. not hard to find a pdf, gonna dig into it when i finish current reading

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@cecilia i think of reading philosophy like playing chess with myself, it can be stupid but it can do you well to aggressively play both sides

i feel the point of philosophy is largely brain exercise anyway, i don't think i've uncritically liked anything, but have stolen from everything

somehow i got down a rabbit hole where ive been researching the spider divination rituals of western cameroon. they rule. semi-related to this is a pack of oracle cards an artist made inspired by these spider divination practices, which also really rule: studiotomassaraceno.org/arachn

@xjix oh that makes sense i can work with that. thanks!

is there a term for "sybil resistance" that doesn't carry the same ableist baggage but also conveys the idea? i see "pseudospoofing" but i've never heard the term before and it's not very self-evident what it means

@SuricrasiaOnline tagging you because all of the slide decks that are training materials after the cia apparently got some positive results from remote viewing experiments, excitedly talking about weaponizing parapsychology, they just feel extremely like your unfiction style

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playing the game where i try to find weird cool stuff on archive.org and today i won. heres a cool document that's p much an scp, when the cia was apparently trying to explore mars with psychokinesis archive.org/details/CIA-RDP96-

@pixelherodev oh yeah, this is a good call! i haven't poked around with mastofs in too long unfortunately, but i'll try and do a quick fix with that in a moment. thank you!

shimeji simulation chapter 24 

@eris @mxmxyz it's incredibly good, i think this is my favorite single four-panel comic of all time:

@xjix @eris i stopped being involved with gemini when the mailing list ended up being a total spamfest where people would refuse to stop using html email when they bickered about how gemini needed to enable smallcaps or italics and stuff.

the real fun of both of them is figuring out how to do your own archaeology to find crystallized emotions of people of years gone by, without relying on central hubs


'"Temple" is kind of a strong word but there's a big bell here, and ringing it is good luck.'

@striker@pleroma.striker.net.eu.org i don't entirely remember - i'm guessing that they are related to 'hold' mode for the rio terminals, iirc pressing 'escape' or running hold(1). maybe lhold is the color when it is foregrounded and palehold is the color when backgrounded.

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