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whenever i see kopimi as a term (cc @xj9 ) i think of the "copy me" breakdown in this destroyed missy elliot song

my brain effectively always feels worn raw - like it is a wire that has lost its protective coating. taking a step away from things and disabling notifications on everything that i can right now, which is a tricky prospect for some reasons, but hopefully will give me some space to breathe and allow for some actual healing that i seem to have been unable to get for a while

here is a small writeup for it:

and now i shall stop filling your timeline with nntpfs content for the time being

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after a bit of tweaking (didn't realize that News expected a from:, which it didn't put by default), successfully reading and writing nntp within acme :)

ok - i also only discovered that acme has a built-in News reader which is quite similar to the mail interface. you can see an example of setting it up in /acme/news/guide, working on figuring out some difficulties with /sending/ mail but so far it reads ok!

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Do you ever feel like history is constantly being ret-conned somehow?

Because this Gameboy "WorkBoy" exists and is maybe the most Merveilles things I've seen.

oh i forgot to mention - on first connect, tlsclienttunnel will probably complain about the cert if you don't have the cert added yet, so just:

echo 'x509 sha256=(whatever tlsclienttunnel complained about)' > /sys/lib/tls/news

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if anyone else is trying to get plan9's nntpfs(4) working through tls and authentication, try something like:

tlsclienttunnel tcp!!563 tcp!*!119 /sys/lib/tls/news
nntpfs -a your.local.ip

in this case, the credentials you want to use should have 'service=nntp server=your.local.ip' in factotum.

this works! but i want to make a nicer interface - will probably try to copy however Mail works and iterate up to something nice.

'... exemplified by the "meta-industrial village", a small community focused on subsistence and crafts while yet connected to a world culture. All members of a community might participate in essential tasks such as the harvest ... The villages would have a sense of shared purpose in transforming world culture. They would combine "the ... economies of human history, hunting and gathering, agriculture, industry, and cybernetics", all "recapitulated within a single deme."'


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i had never heard of william irwin thompson before his book found me but this does sound very merveilles:

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finding interesting things on the sidewalk constantly is one way God rewards me for trying to be a good person imo

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why bother buying books when i routinely find stuff like this on the sidewalk in brooklyn

every time i explain touhou to someone who doesnt know what touhou is i feel like an albino cave lizard

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2001: jfc, we have to do something about these popups windows on the web

2021: jfc, we have to do something about these popup interstitials on the web

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Fun fact: I was briefly on a reality TV show with GZA from Wu-Tang clan. The show existed for like a minute before completely disappearing off the face of the earth.

I was mostly edited out in the final cut, but in theory, there is footage out there of me explaining to GZA what FLOSS is.

less internetty people get really hung up on whether or not they are like 'really a furry' and its funny to me because it is a totally opt-in identity, you are one if you want to be one

but basically many people i am friends with seems to really enjoy anthro art and the like when shown it and goes off to look it up on their own

i don't know what this means! the end. no moral

cw: blood 

i was just introduced to the bloodsynth:

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